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Comment Re:Unemployment (Score 4, Interesting) 381

I'm a pretty standard red state republican but I'm having a hard time arguing against some kind of fundamental change like basic income. You have to consider that a good percentage of the population has an IQ just barely above being considered mentally disabled. A larger percentage is just slightly above that. When burger flipping and warehouse jobs go away, those people won't be effective maintenance for the robots and anyway those maint positions would be some super low ratio to the number of jobs lost... Those people will not be artists.

I don't know that universal basic income is the way to go but we'll need to do something. Maybe some kind of beautification work force that essentially cleans and maintains things. Creates bike paths and plants landscaping. That would allow people to still work and get some fulfillment out of life.

Comment Re:minwage $11.40-$9.90 (Score 1) 381

I don't see minimum wage increasing jobs though. On the contrary, I think even economists that support an increase in minimum wage predict a small if negligible negative pressure on job numbers. My understanding is that universal basic income is seeking to address the predicted lack of jobs for a large percentage of the populace in the coming years.

Comment Re:Fuck that. (Score 1) 103

There is more and more evidence that psychedelics can perform some kind of reset in the brain to alleviate many mental disorders but yeah I wouldn't expect marijuana to be of any real help.. other than maybe cases of extreme anxiety? But then you might just end up paranoid and anxious after long term use...

Comment Re:They should have seen this coming... (Score 1) 155

They were aware of this but the problem is that it milking cable is more lucrative at least for now. At the moment everyone with a cable subscription subsidizes ESPN but if they are only selling to people that actually watch their stuff the price is going to have to be much higher in order to meet the same revenue.

Comment Re:This has happened before. Humanity excelled. (Score 0) 211

People have I think tried to link that and the subsequent cooling around the 1600's to north american indian populations deforesting and then the reforestation due to smallpox decimating their civilization. It seems quite a stretch to me but the academics have done at least some amount of research prior to floating that as a cause I assume.

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