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Comment Re:Dude, just STFU (Score 1) 832

The US doesn't need anyone to host nuclear missiles. The US has enough undetectable nuclear armed subs around the globe to destroy pretty much all life in Russian on a whim with plenty left over for any other country in the world that would object. I'm not saying it is a good thing but land based missiles? That's so 20th century.

Comment Re:Hrm (Score 1) 175

There have been studies that link allergies to lack of environmental stressors during childhood. For example having a dog (dirt, fecal matter etc) significantly lowers the incidence of allergies in children. Of course environmental pollutants are also being linked to allergies as well.

Comment Re:already done (Score 1) 367

It is also arguable that since the less successful tend to breed quite a bit more in modern society that there is already historically unusual pressure triggering this -less intelligent, attractive people are contributing more to the gene pool. Gene manipulation on if it becomes standard medical practice (cheap) might be a panacea for this.

Comment Re:The poor our poor due to themselves (Score 1) 630

For the most part, BAD CHOICES.

This is for the most part (apart from a few outliers) absolutely true but even taking all that as a given, you still have poor people to deal with. The question then is how best to provide for them or incentivize them to participate productively in society.

Comment Re:Mostly (Score 1) 265

I can certainly agree with that. Buddha, Jesus all the main spiritual teachers excepting I guess Muhammad have had more influence on the world than anyone and would be considered great non-violent men. The problem I see is that non-violence isn't exactly a recipe for longevity and in their field Apple was pretty cut-throat. Agriculture doesn't have to be violent but in its modern form is probably one of the most destructive activities on the earth. I guess it depends on how fine a point you want to put on it.

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