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Comment Re:It's about landmass (Score 1) 458

People in the midwest need to do a lot of driving. It isn't like most of the EU or the coasts. I've lived in both Texas and New Mexico and we regularly (several times a week) needed to drive 1-2 hours if we wanted to go out to eat somewhere. That's a 4 hour drive and more than 200 miles for dinner or shopping.

Comment Re:I have self-healing teeth (Score 1) 130

I don't think you deserved to be down modded. I've also taken a similar approach in the past. Eat sardines, get lots of sun, eat no starches or drink anything sweet and not brushing and even very severe tooth aches tend to go away in a week or so.
Anecdotal of course but I do think there must be something to be said for saturating the teeth with lots of minerals and having tons of vitamin d available.

Comment Re: And the next food craze starts (Score 1) 176

We're moving away from this model. I haven't heard anyone except vegans talk about fat in this way. Cholesteral is the repair mechanism and is triggered by inflammation. The popular theory now is that the causal link between higher cholesterol levels in the blood is something to do with omega 3/6 ratio and lack of vitamin d from sunlight. At least, that is what I've been hearing from nutrition podcasts for the last few years.

Comment Re:And the next food craze starts (Score 1) 176

I would not call cheese "concentrated milk" well, not the way you are portraying. That is almost like calling cows concentrated grass. We label creamer as non-diary if it has had the lactose removed. Cheese and yogurt making involves the fermentation and conversion of lactose to amino acids. I won't drink store bought milk and don't have access at the moment to the raw stuff (no diary cow on the farm atm) but I still buy whole milk at the store and let it turn into viili yogurt or kefir. This type of yogurt is super easy to make btw... anyone that is interested I suggest you order some cultures and give it a try.

Comment Re:And the next food craze starts (Score 1) 176

Well, if you are of European decent then milk has likely been extremely important to you. It is commonly thought that the ability to digest diary was what gave our recent ancestors a leg up on other populations in the area. There is evidence of diary and cheese making as far back as the 8000 years ago.

Comment Re:Also in the report (Score 1) 732

Do you think hurling pejoratives at someone strengthens your position? Look, I'm not a conspiracy nut but when you ask me whether I should believe people whose job it is to lie and deceive or someone who has dedicated his life to exposing lies.. yes I tend to side with the latter person. It strikes me as incredible that we are in a situation where progressives are siding with the covert intelligence agencies and conservatives with freaking wikileaks but here we are. I respect that you disagree with me but before any of this snowballed, back in Aug 2016 Assange was offering a 20k reward for info on Seth's death. Maybe he was seeking publicity for his organization, maybe not but you and me being on the sides we are... feels a bit like we've stumbled into the looking glass.

Comment Re:Also in the report (Score 3, Informative) 732

Was there ever evidence that Russia was the Wikileaks source? Julian Assange has certainly denied it and implied not too subtly that it may have been a certain murdered DNC staffer named Seth Rich. Regardless if it was him or not Julian Assange has stated unequivocally that the source was a DNC staffer.

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