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Comment Re: Whatever, Firefox is all but dead anyway (Score 0, Offtopic) 58

Mozilla is fighting a lot of important fights for the open web, now if they could pay as much attention to their main product Firefox, I'd be the first to use it again. I just switched back to Safari, it runs circles around even Chrome and hogs the CPU much less. I'd love to love Firefox on OS X but it just zero integrates with anything, the UI is alien and sluggish as fuck, page rendering, too, is slow. I don't care if JS execution is zippy if it takes ages to display whatever it has oh so quickly executed.

Submission + - SPAM: QOR 1.0 Released (SDK for E-Commerce & CMS development in Go)

bursch-X writes: The Plant today announced that QOR, its open source SDK for E-Commerce & CMS development, is now available in version 1.0. For this public release QOR has been completely rewritten in Go. It's been made available via GitHub under an MIT license.

For this first public release they have rewritten all the libraries and widgets necessary for building a CMS, in the upcoming releases they'll be adding e-commerce specific widgets and modules to the core libraries. (Note: this is not a turn-key solution, you need to be a developer to make any use of this, but in the right hands it'll be quite powerful – just remember: with great power you know the drill)

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