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Comment Re:A little naive perhaps? (Score 1) 181

run a business without paying the traditional costs in the field and socialize your costs. in this case he wants every internet customer to pay for his bandwidth whether they use netflix or not.

ISPs chose their flat-rate business model; Netflix didn't force it on them. If that business model no longer works, ISPs should switch to a different one.

Comment Re:Will it really go the pulseaudio way? (Score 0) 179

There are two different ways to do network display: the RDP way and the right way. With RDP you're sending the entire "screen" over the network, so all the windows have to be composited first. Thus RDP requires a fully featured compositor like Weston on the remote end.

The right way is to send each window over the network, which should require a lightweight compression proxy. No one appears to be working on this.

Comment Re:Meta review (Score 1) 366

What is concerning are the twice refuted efforts for RDRAND to bypass the Linux kernel pool mixing entirely, and the design decisions which intentionally make RDRAND an inscrutable black box and trivial for a VMM to intercept and modify. These are not accidents.

While there is no harm in using RDRAND to complement entropy on a system, by no measure should it be used as the sole source of entropy in a system.

Comment Re:The always-present question for UDP (Score 3, Interesting) 97

QUIC uses an equivalent of SYN cookies to prevent some kinds of DoS. It also uses packet reception proofs to prevent some ACK spoofing attacks that TCP is vulnerable to. Overall it looks even better than TCP.

As for encryption, Google gives two reasons. They intend to run HTTP over QUIC and Google services are encrypted by default; it's more efficient for QUIC itself to implement encryption than to layer HTTP over TLS over QUIC. The other reason is that middleboxes do so much packet mangling that encryption is the only way to avoid/detect it.

Comment Real multitasking (Score 3, Informative) 152

I used to have an N900 running Maemo with "true multitasking". A poorly-written app in the background (like Firefox with the "full Web experience" of Flash) would run down the battery in two hours. But at least I could use top to find the problem and kill -9 it.

Now I use Android where apps are specifically written to be aware of my battery.

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