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Comment Know thy students (Score 5, Interesting) 294

"Aren't there simpler and less-creepy ways to count kids, like looking at empty desks?" Are you suggesting that teachers should actually get to know the kids in their classes so that they can recognize when someone isn't there? How dare you. Think of the children. I suppose next you will be saying that it is ok for teachers to talk to students outside of class or even be friends on facebook! If we allow this sort of outrageous behavior our kids may have adult figures in their lives that are actually worth looking up to!

Comment New funding source (Score 1) 107

They should consider selling these kittens. Glowing kittens would command a high price and there is definitely a market out there for unusual and cute pets. Sell these little guys and reinvest the money into more research. People already give large charitable donations, this would help encourage more people to give. "Give to a good cause and get a kick ass glowing kitten :3"

Comment text to speach? (Score 1) 94

Am I the only one disappointed by the fact that I cannot listen to the translation? This site would be a thousand times better if, after you translate the piece, it would do a simple greek text to english speech translation. Heck even if it didn't talk it would be nice to know the english translation of the text at least.

Comment Re:welp.... (Score 1) 220

Implying that there are not legitimate, non-pirate, reasons to use p2p. Lots of games, yes legitimate ones (WOW included), use p2p for downloading of updates and such. Also p2p is a great way for companies to reduce hosting costs for large files and is often used for media and operating systems like linux and bsd. Next time think before you type. You are exactly what is wrong with the world. You make blanket accusations and label an entire protocol as bad because a few people use it for ethically questionable purposes.

Comment x-ray glasses for... bird watching? (Score 1) 386

Hm... looks like they are finally about to create real life 'x-ray' glasses. You can bet these will sell like hot cakes... I can just imagine how much radiation the average person will be exposed to when every perv has one. Five years from now the hottest people start dying from cancer at accelerated rates and everyone will wonder why.

Comment Re:May not be practical (Score 1) 395

What if you are in a computer lab and click a youtube video that is a troll. It tells your computer to shut down with all of the necessary prompts. All of the computers in the lab shut down... except yours... problem not solved.

Comment Where does the line get drawn? (Score 1) 377

My question is where do you draw the line for what is or is not acceptable for them to block? The fact that the union is a union for workers that work for the state means that it is a political issue. Would it be ok for the ruling party to block access to their opposing parties' websites? What if instead of blocking them they redirected to their own versions of the page? This is a, I hate to say it, slippery slope. The government should not be in the business of censoring the internet like this even on 'their' public wifi.

Comment Broken on android (Score 1) 2254

Slashdot is now, even more, broken on my mobile. I use an android phone with the default browser and the left nave menu keeps jumping to the middle of the screen covering up most of the content. I can no longer read slashdot on my phone... which was my primary slashdot viewing platform. I would often read while in the john or standing in line waiting for food at a restaurant. I wish that you would consider mobile devices in your redesigns and also eliminate as much of this javascript as possible. Why are we going back to frame like web pages with all of these floating headers and junk. There is a reason that it died off. This is just a slower implementation of them.

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