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Comment Re:Man with too much money is blind (Score 1) 162

While that may be true, the compromises appear to have been made with good intentions. I mean, the guy apparently built it to share with his family, so some accommodations to comfort would be necessary. Anyway, can you really fault the guy for wanting a love-seat instead of those cock-blocker seats?

Comment Please fix these annoyances (Score 1) 1839

I really, really dislike the whole "from the foo dept." thing, such as this:
Posted by timothy on Tuesday February 02, 2016 @04:45PM from the you-love-surveillance-we-see-you-say dept.

Also, the mobile interface displays something along the lines of "this post is hidden due to filtering preferences" or something wherever a filtered post would have appeared. Oftentimes there's more space taken up in the thread by these notifications than by comments. Please turn the filtered post notifications off :)

Comment Re:Scared Idiots (Score 1) 286

Well, you're wrong about the constancy of isotope ratios. There're plenty of processes, chemical, biological, and physical that lead to isotopic fractionation. The question is whether bananas enrich the radioactive isotope of potassium in the fruit. I don't know whether that is the case for bananas, but it is so for other fruit.

Wikipedia often provides an incomplete picture. You might want to read other sources before using all that bold text on uninformed shit.

Comment Re:Chinese Stamp? (Score 1) 184

I full heartedly agree with your second sentiment. What gets me is the abundance of American flags and such gear that is made oversees -- and people gobble it and feel damn patriotic about the whole thing.

Side note: Apple is opening a plant in Mesa, Arizona and will employ about 700 people.

Comment Re:Here in Baltimore (Score 1) 290

As a former Missouri resident, I suggest shoveling when you can as it's a lot easier to just lay down salt or other heating agent on the ice when it forms. If the snow is already gone, you won't need to shovel. If the snow is still there, the salt/whatever won't work well and you'll have to break up the ice/snow conglomerates, which is tough stuff.

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