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Comment We don't need an IP, we are /. ! (Score 2, Funny) 158

Doesn't matter just try out some of the 2^32 minus reserved addresses

all /.ers Christian Name starting with an "A" take the 0.5*2^30 upper addresses and ...

Thank good they haven't postet the IP on /.

I suppose you don't even need a computer network of brainless bots to DDOS a computer,
slashdot + us the faster than light clicking slashdot-crauts would fullfill the task, twice as good as any botnet can do,

btw. "Police: Man blamed child porn on cat"

haha next time he can blame his hacked pacemaker for doing so, it will also be very complicated to confiscate this evidence.

and here it comes the DomainName for the Pacemaker

Comment Re:We use Opera on a daily basis (Score 1) 173

I concur,

+ Sidebar, fast Bookmark organization with on-the-fly buzzword search, StickyNotes
+ Opera also has a nice eMail-Client(pop3/imap) built in, good adressbook features
+ quick settings like disabling/enabling plugins, java, javascript, cookies
+ very good cookie management

++/-- community feature bookmark synchronisation, not forced nor mentioned, has to be found File -> sync...

(-) They should leave out the bittorrent client

++ I think it's more userfriendly than FF

Comment Re:Microsoft knows their market. (Score 1) 268

Well and I will introduce to you, the fourth group you probably missed out, but which is well represented on /. I guess

- 4.) Those who use XP since it has matured, and strip it down with nlite, tweakui etc..,
Those who used Win2k for a long time, those who also use/used Linux and/or FreeBSD,

those who are tired of ever changing Desktops through "UI-devellopment", those who are tired of being said that
they can unset all the blinky transparent shiny clumsy slowingdown addition to KDE but are tired to do it to go through every
configuration interface of Kontrol to gain back a desktop which is fast and not a bonfire of graphics,

those who like their Win-explorer/commander like setting for file browsing, no special media treeview etc.. by default

WE JUST WANT A BUTTON "VISTA & MAC influences burn in hell", and perhaps a button
"win2k/xp looks good, and KDE can do too"

- desktop
files on it, quick links, simple Clock and everything else must be add on,
a "System Control" Mandrake had in it's days it was called Mandrake (9/10.X)

btw. and even if a distribution delivers this, we want a consistent packaging system,
not to be bound to ever changing incompatible versions subversions and subsubsub-versions,
the --force tag is annoying for a 1.2.3_2 Version to match 1.2.3 requirement,

hey dll hell lol, rpm/deb/etc..-hell is worse

running FreeBSD/Linux as a serverOS for 10+ years now, and for 5+ years solely FreeBSD,
those systems are wonderfull,

but to go back to the topic, I don't use bing, I don't click on adds, I use an add blocker and
crush google cookies.

I judge this post myself offtopic, but I think those things had to be said, one time or another.

Comment Re:Ah the Germans (Score 4, Interesting) 207

**IRONY ON** Our minister for internal affairs Mr. Wolfgang Schäuble: - hates the internet - wants to censor it - wants to control it, and he has a strong meaning on immigration, if you are coming from the liberal U.S. you are not welcome here, you could induce liberal thoughts in too many of my fellow citizen. Thats why there won't be more of you like us, you simply won't get the citizenship. **IRONY OFF** Na, it's not that hard to get the german citizenship, we like americans, also we do like most of our western EU-neighbours, and our population is decreasing if you want to join the club, do it now ;)

Comment Concepts no, languages no, being a programmer yes (Score 1) 537

1.) Concepts
- most said almost nothing to aid
CS - are not programmers in the first

2.) Usage


If you want to have a look at engineering software which is used to solve numerical problems(FEA,MBS), you most likely will run into the good/bad old .....Fortran77/90.

And Fortran will last longer than you live, even that MSC/Adams tries to jump to a C++ Solver for better code maintainance doesn't mean anything for now - but I suspect a bit more of a market hype, lack of good (future) fortran coders and that C++ Coders are cheaper than their Fortran counterparts,
you want to know why ?

Interfaces and Generics ( the code is too maintainable and you're expandable )

But yes Fortran is beautifull and ugly at the same time, Fortran is pure code it's no concept, that had to be worked out on beforehand,
Fortran is just a way to implement.

3.) suggestions, from the real (work) life - as a mechanical engineer who has also to be a part-time programmer, and has to look above the fence
I would suggest, with given priority except d. - which is the most important skill

Excel-VBA - a helpfull swiss army knife, when it comes to handle data using a combination of VBA and the functional spreadsheets, this is nearly a must,
because if no other tools are available or allowed to use, excel is installed on nearly every office-PC, VBA is easy but the Excelobjectworld has to be
learned also.

b.) choose one but Fortran has the geeky vintage factor on it's side, it's like a 12" vinyl

Fortran/Pascal - knows Pointers and memory management, imperative, highly structured, teaches "clean" coding.

F# - functional and .net Plattform,
- exotic but very neat
- few very good books about, there nearly are no more than those few good, there aren't even bad ones ;)
- fast

be adaptive, be creative, a good programmer must not be the best coder.

An analytical problem-orientated approach, in combination with creativity and the ability to adapt to new situations are the key abilities to
get a good job and to stay in, and using ExcelVBA is also a key ability:

In short, the program has to evolve in your head, not within the language you implement it in, but you will find Excel everywhere :D

Don't take it too serious.

* it's a JOKE

Comment Re:Islam, eh? (Score 1) 469

You are right, but the bible is based of the old testament too, it was not decommissioned ?

But you are right that I cannot judge christians by the old testament only, that's the point what I wanted to say, just exchange bible with koran and christians
with muslims.

I look at those christians with sorrow, whom for example love their (wo)man2(wo)man-loving fellow citizens so much that they are outcasting them, or violate their human rights - as you might expect I the human rights are my basis of judgement what's right and what's wrong.

I tried to put the attention to the difference between written words, thoughts and real actions.

Comment Re:Islam, eh? (Score 1, Interesting) 469

Well isn't something alike in the bible too ?

Sorry but this child rape argument isn't really one, there where times were similar things were common even in europe like 500-600 years ago.

This koran is about 800 years old, it cannot be adapted to todays social and cultural standards.

As I might update your view in most muslim countries it will be not possible that a nine year old will marry and get deflorated,
earliest age of marriage is between 14-16 or at least 12/13 (it is but it's mostly ignored! towards higher ages),

neither there are exceptions, such as the yemen where this practice might not be as uncommon as it seems.

You see even if muslims say those words are divine, they tend not to follow the koran in word, they adapt and interpret it.
Like what christians have done with the bible, ok anytime there are extremist people.

I think you should make yourself clear about how we came to todays moral and ethic standards.

And you should not let yourself blind with worn out arguments, you can also find similar things in the bible I guess,
but the more you will embrace those old argument against christianity or islam, you will be clueless about a solution.

But yes I also think that there are muslims, which are a threat to western society but I also take extremist christianism into account to be such a threat.

I am also a naturistic nudist for example, and I don't want to have my freedom cut, to be as I am, where I am.**

**this is irony for those who may have thought else! But I am a confessing liberatarian.

Comment Have they now lost their minds completly ? (Score 2, Interesting) 469

This would be a hillarious joke for april fools day, but if they want to counter radical muslims this way won't work.

Muslims mostly tend to build local social groups mostly in favour of their origin-region(not country), these social groups are mostly not
radical but, from our point of view their views onto the world differ hughly from ours(*).

But in such communities radical thoughts and comments will occur as a common understanding of that the western society tries to supress the islam.

And here is the catch, these "supported" people and groups will find themselves outcast as they are seen as a part of a western supression strategy.
They will be recognized as traitors, and these former actions like "google-optimisation" will be seen as an evidence and so strengthen the common understanding of a western conspiracy.

Thus can also push moderate muslims into a position, where their word becomes less weight than it had.

Diplomacy will not convert muslims into liberal nude loving naturists, nor will war. We(wester people) should realize one thing
you can only gain someones trust when you not try to betray him, and with trust you can start a discussion about certain things,
like stoning of cheaters and heretics, as a start.

The human rights are a philosophical construct with the intention to make lives better for everyone, I think we should remember
those humanist philosophers, which brought us to a state of self-awareness, and start thinking about our selves and our actions.

Diplomacy does not work from top to down, like a hierachie it works on trust.

(*) This is my point of view as an observer.

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