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Comment Re:Why not just use Herbert's screenplay? (Score 1) 589

According to Herbert his screenplay was "awful".

"I did a screenplay and it was awful. It was too long. It lacked the proper visual metaphors. I was too close to the book to be able to see it as a film. David didn't have that problem. Working on this film with David has taught me one great deal about taking the printed word, a screenplay, and making it into a film."

Right near the end of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rTvjJxUebA&feature=related

Comment Re:Enough Shakey Cam! (Score 1) 461

The problem with shaky cam is that it is trying to give the impression of a camera and/or cameraman inside the action. But that's not what I want. I want to be in the action. Not through the proxy of a camera. My eyes and brain have the ability to compensate for a good amount of shaking. When I see shaky cam it pulls me out of the movie, because I am painfully aware that this is not what it would look like were I in the action.

I understand that by not giving something the eye can focus on they are attempting to replicate the confusion and frenzy that take place in battle, but I think there are better ways to convey these.

Also, when they had the unsteady camera filming the conversation between Kirk and Pike in the bar that was way too much. Unless I'm drunk over at the next table and can't sit upright for the life of me I don't expect to be bobbing about.

Comment Re:So, basically (Score 2, Interesting) 307

so what we envisioned we thought our future selves might want in 2009 isn't actually quite what it turns out we actually wanted.

Right. He knows that what we want is what we end up achieving. And I'm sure he knows that he will be wrong on some of his predictions. A large part of what he is doing when he makes these predictions is trying to get people informed about what is possible, to stimulate people's imaginations, so that we will want the things that he thinks are important and good for our future. The goal of making predictions is more than just to be Slashdot fodder ten years from now.

So, Slashdotters, what do you want in ten years?

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