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Comment This is entirely justified (Score 1) 421

In the scale of geologic time, trivializing the demise of dinosaurs is entirely too soon. Give us time to grieve ffs. This kid is clearly not very sensitive to the plight of other species. What next for him and his thoughtless fantasies? Making a mockery of the middle ages? Pointing a rapier at the Renaissance? RIP dinosaurs! #nvr4get

Comment Are you nuts? Don't talk agile with the customer (Score 5, Insightful) 597

The customer thinks they are ordering a building, metaphorically speaking. They can walk around it in their heads, see the color of the drapes, measure the windows, there are quantifiable costs. You don't build things using agile techniques however. "Well, we'll put this skyscraper about here. Start digging and we'll see how she goes."

"The big concern with doing a Big Design up front is when it sets a rigid expectation that must be met, regardless of the changes and knowledge discovered along the way," says Semeniuk.' How do you respond to user anxiety from Agile processes?"

How? Don't even talk about agile to the customer. Can you imagine a surgeon... "Well we'll just start cutting and figure it from there" no no, talk about outcome, not process. Agile talk is for the operating room, not the waiting room.

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