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Comment If you can't open it, do you really own it? (Score 3, Insightful) 381

No, but this is the trade off people make when buying devices like the iphone/ipod. Clearly people value having the fashionable/trendy/"Just Works*" that Apple provide over being able to fix something that is broken. Until that trade off tilts harder against the consumer it will continue to be made.

* - For some values of "Just Works"

Comment Actual Status (Score 4, Interesting) 89

I see lots of articles about how AMD plans to do this, that, and the other using open source components. What I want to know, is can I run 3D games using the in-tree kernel module with the proprietary user modules yet? This was promised a while back and I haven't seen any more about it. I want to support the effort, but I am not buying another AMD card until I see it actually work.

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