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Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 222

So wrong - see "It's all about exposure, dummy" reply. (Not aimed at you, either) and in the end work place injuries are accidents for the most part - not some 'plan' by the employer to injury the HALPless employee. Granted, there are safty violations that should be severely punished by law, but this isn't the rule as much as the exception. We find that more accidents occur from employees' failing to head to directions and protocol.

Comment It's all about exposure, dummy. (Score 2, Interesting) 222

Title was more for giggles - not aimed at anyone. I work in the work comp realm. The reason why this is a bad idea is solely due to exposure. In the same light as why a blanket gym membership wouldn't be approved, this is not being (or shouldn't be) approved. Rehab needs to be monitored and directed by someone professional. If this guy hurts himself while milking some cow or rabid rabbits (or whatever that game is called) then that injury would be compensable as a consequence of treatment for his injury. Now, IF the Wii was within the office of his therapist there would be any issues as the treatment would be directed and monitored.

Comment Re:GW (Score 1) 174

Pretty much - people who complain that the game is 'dumb'd down' never played their old rules set - which were horrible. I also will touch on people moaning about cost because 'of less customers' No - you greedy little nerds - they are raising the prices because they are giving you MOAR plastic in bits (mini accessories) on each spru.

Comment Geez (Score 2, Insightful) 297

Seriously...I find it funny that when a company performs well and puts out solid product(s) they get so much hate. So much jealously with geeks. I'm not a SC player - the game just looks so-so to me. DIII was a lot of the same, mindless clicking and lots of killing - for some reason it never loses it's appeal. The WoW changes are very cool - guild levels and all. There's no competition between Valve and Blizz- two different markets entirely. Bnet changes are something that should have happened long ago.

Comment Re:RTFS?? (Score 1) 904

I disagree, there was a time during Bush's presidency where to criticize or question Bush's policy was equated to being an unpatriotic traitor. I'm pretty sure the Dixie Chicks experienced a lot of the vitriol, public shunning and public crucifixion you don't seem to remember anymore.

You don't remember or refused to understand what happened. The Dixie chicks were shunned BY THEIR CUSTOMERS because their customers held different views of the current situation. Never ONCE were the DixChicks dragged before the media and skewered, in fact the were regarded as something 'super.' (why I have no idea..) They were reckless and moronic to say/do the things they did given their medium. I'm glad that it destroyed their career. Stars need to figure out that they shouldn't express their opinions, its not what people want to see or hear.

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