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Comment Re:Good luck (Score 2) 129

I think that depends on the individual person. For me, it was less time gaming in general and picking up different hobbies. Whether that be something like gardening, tinkering, sporting events, or a different game, that's entirely up to you. Leisure time is limited and should be used to the best of it's ability. As far as games go? I check out Steam for sales - Banished is my vice at the moment.

Comment Re:Good luck (Score 3, Informative) 129

I think one of the biggest problems has been the PvE vs. PvP issue. You have two groups of people, those that like to PvP and those that like to do raids. I know some overlap, but more often than not they didn't. Patches would be made to "balance" for one set and end up "nerfing" the other. The other issue is server migration. While yes, you can cross-realm raid find to raid with any random group of people; it's hard to make solid progression if you're not in a raid group. While this is well & good, some servers are a total ghost town and you must pay the troll toll to server hop. Ultimately, there are too many things they need to fix and I don't have to wait anymore. I played since Vanilla and I think I've finally had enough. There are way too many alternatives out there and the time crunch to raid in anything more than a semi-casual group is too cumbersome

Comment Good luck (Score 4, Informative) 129

Numbers are in swift decline from expansion to expansion with the typical "bounce" that temporarily occurs upon release. While I am only one person, I know many that have quit as of late and these are players from vanilla. This expansion will have to blow the doors off and be far better than Pandaria or it's bad times

Comment Re:Internet dating is for cows. (Score 1) 176

You are all cows. Cows say moo. MOOOOOOOO! MOOOOOOO! Moo cows MOOOOOO! Moo say the cows. YOU COWS!!

Or it could be that some people don't want to date bar flies or people in their existing social circle. The world is a big place and if there's a tool out there to make the process easier, who cares. I met my wife of several years via online dating. Would I have come across her otherwise? Based on our social circles, the clubs we were in and the places we hung out at - all signs point to no.

Comment Same old same (Score 2) 581

Site builds large user base.
Site gets some VC money and thinks they can make a profit.
Site realizes they need to make changes but changes cheese off the majority of it's user base and they go elsewhere.
Site becomes a ghost town.

Remember Fark? Remember Digg? This is what will happen with Reddit. First they came for the fatties, and I didn't care because I don't have condishons. Then they came for the racists and I didn't care because I'm not racist. But then they came for the rest of the site and no one was left

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