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Comment IO (Score 1) 951

Input and output devices get better all the time, their job is to stimulate the player's brain into thinking it sees real scenes, hears real sounds. Eventually the IO device will directly interact with the brain, bypassing those pesky eyes and ears.

Later even, the brain itself will host the processing, the external "game" system will no longer dictate everything it will instead have set the player's imagination free-running, or networked imaginations to make shared dreams possible. In that case the sensations that the actors in those dreams feel will be figments of the imagination of the player.

so we then have the thought processes of the actors (you and I) being run on a real brain (the player) so we're back to reality

It's no longer a simulation on a computer

Comment Wrong subject (Score 3, Insightful) 114

This story isn't about Bluecoat per se, it's a story about Symantec selling out our trust - I have no reason to believe that they have not sold out to so to many other companies and regimes and organizations beside Bluecoat.

For a company that trades on being trustworthy they sure know how to destroy confidence.

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