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Comment Re:Not a Republican defeat (Score 1) 341

I was listening to Ryan on the radio talking about not rejecting the good because it was not perfect and accepting compromise etc. If the voice had been slightly different and the timing a year ago I could easily have believed it was Obama saying those things.

For that matter, if the opportunity had been better to run against Hillary in the primary I could easily see us looking at president Trump the Democrat.

What I want to see more than anything else is a healthy working opposition, not just everyone switching hats between a "Party of no" and the party of "cmon, let's just work together to get it done", but rather two parties promoting, contrasting, and building support for their ideas, but as it is, the opposition are not rewarded for co-operation or punished for blatant obstructionism it seems.

Comment more healthcare (Score 3, Interesting) 341

I think it depends on what's said on Fox in the morning. I don't think H1B reform is a hot button issue for its own sake, or for the sake of employers or visa holders, but if it can be co-mingled with outrage over someone who can be an easy target for blame and looks like they're getting a better deal than they deserve regardless of the facts then it will rise to be the next big thing. I doubt he's walked away from healthcare, there's plenty of rage left to be mined there.

Comment measurement vs action (Score 1) 167

I can't say I understand it really, but I've always seen this as something that places limits on what we can measure. But can we use this phenomenon to force something to happen. That is, can we use precision clocks to force some weirdness to happen on a macro scale ? For example, can we make conservation of energy fail within a small volume if we measure time very accurately all around it ?

Comment Re:In a perfect world (Score 1) 554

"Person A" is not some guy off the street, it is an institution. They should have known better to begin with. If an open and inclusive society is what we want then this is the price. Ask the institution if they specifically wanted to exclude some people ?

Try the argument out in another context, eg. if a bank ATM is too high up the wall for a wheelchair bound user to reach it, should they make accommodations or should they grant a license to an able-bodied group to host their own ATM somewhere equally inaccessible.

I'm sure this group means well, but sometimes the only driving motive for things to change is for there to be some inconvenience and outcry about this valuable content becoming unavaiable.

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