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Comment Hydrophylic (Score 1) 435

There was a story a few days ago about a copper mesh that pulled moisture out of the air to create drinking water in the desert. Sounds to me that could be combined with this to further pull moisture from the clothes, maybe make the drum out of the wunderstuff and use the ultrasonics to shake the water from the drum.

Comment Leader (Score 1) 339

I don't doubt that the premise of this article is true - that by objective measures the humble lead better. but...

1) To be leader you have to be elected, if the charismatic-narcissists are better at getting elected then that is at least one aspect in which they make better leaders

2) I'm not sure people want leaders in top positions, they tend to want people to affirm their pre-formed opinions and act as if they were a surrogate for the voter. The last thing they want them to do is lead in the sense of make a case for changing the voter's opinion.

3) I think people see themselves as the leader, and want to pick someone to represent them that they most aspire to be (from the usually poor list of available candidates). If they had to invent Tyler Durden would they pick a humble man - nope...

Comment Re:Question (Score 1) 44

so we prevented him doing what we wanted him to do in punishment for doing the thing we didn't want him to do. I guess he'll go work in a bank now.

So it sounds like his community is punished 3x. Lost the original data, lost a phamacist serving the community, lost the records he leaks from whatever new job he winds up in.

It would have been better to have him continue in pharmacy and pay for enhanced data protection services / audits.

Comment Re:Houston-New Orleans-Austin (Score 1) 270

I enjoyed the drive, but then I was as stressed out as all hell and the drive calmed me down, also I agree that the best part of the drive was on the LA side of the border, through airboat country, past Jimmy Swaggart's place. As it turned out I drove past Houston and wound up in Hempstead - that was an adventure too. I wound up in the "wrong" pizza hut, met some great people. Good times, I should wildly underestimate the distance between places when looking at rental car company maps and get lost more often.

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