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Welsh Scientists Radically Increase Fiber Broadband Speeds With COTS Parts 72

Mark.JUK writes "Scientists working under an EU funded (3 Million Euros) project out of Bangor University in Wales (United Kingdom) have developed a commercially-exploitable way of boosting broadband speeds over end-user fibre optic lines by using Optical Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OOFDM) technology, which splits a laser down to multiple different optical frequencies (each of which can be used to carry data), and low-cost off-the-shelf components. The scientists claim that their solution has the ability to 'increase broadband transmission by up to two thousand times the current speed and capacity' (most UK Fibre-to-the-Home or similar services currently offer less than 100 Megabits per second) and it can do this alongside a 'significant reduction in electrical power consumption.'"

Comment Re:Bloody n00bs... (Score 1) 83

Another syslog server costs peanuts, just has to be a bunch of disk with only port 514/udp listening. Shit, I use to run an internal CA which was more secure than these guys, because it was air-gapped. I know that doesn't scale, but we weren't charging people for certs, just doing it for internal use.

Comment Re:I don't understand why they're doing this (Score 1) 254

I have to install a lot of stuff as part of my job. I really try to untick all the stupid search engine/browser bar boxes, but every now and then IE is searching using Bing again rather than Google. I probably forgot to untick something, but it still pisses me off, and IMHO, it's still unfair leveraging by MS.

Comment Re:I don't understand why they're doing this (Score 4, Interesting) 254

And some MS (I assume?) installs keep sneakily reverting me to fucking Bing. The offence is not having a monopoly - it's abusing it, ie. leveraging your other crap onto people's desktops by virtue of having dominance in the OS arena.
If you had read the fucking article, you would have seen that MS admits the breach anyway: "The company acknowledged its mistake in July, saying it was now distributing software with the browser option and also offered to extend the compliance period for an additional 15 months."

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