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Comment its time (Score 1) 248

its time we see to it the the corporate influence on the net abolished they ruin every thing they touch the internet is no exception the f.c.c. has lost there minds it time we tell them ether they rule in the favor of the people and the people alone or we find a way to faze them out. im sick of hearing how the internet is under attack and corporate influence is the cause they don't make laws we do when is that ever going to be expressed. they need to be told once and for all to shut up and go away the internet belongs to the people not them they just don't deserve a vote. they ruined the main steam media let them feed from that filthy troff until it runs dry then they can starve to death as it is a deserving fate.tell them to take their collectivist ideas and jam them where the sun don't shine. it time we let them rot on the vine.we don't need them we have the internet for now.

Comment Re:Plain view doctrine (Score 1) 388

I see the subject you guys are trying to cover maybe you should think outside the box and stop worrying about current events as it were. And start thinking about long-term I have been advised of the US dollar will be like a German mark was when there because they crashed at a single egg cost 80 billion marks I don't exactly remember the timeframe but I'm sure you can Google it .anyway maybe you should focus on how you're going to get Washington to listen to you about saving yours and your children's future and not disgracing us on the world wide financial failure. One of the solutions is for instance them going in and confiscating all the billionaires captains of financial and industry properties and assets and all those who benefited from the thievery on Wall Street and seizing control of the Federal Reserve is sending the Rothschilds packing back across the pond. Buying as much gold precious metals and mining venture assets with our newly acquired which was ours in the first place Wealth and finally backing the dollar again with real assets instead of the fictitious gold that supposed to be in our Mints and coffers that's there today how bout we demand this instead of the old thievery Ponzi scheme they call inflation would sell us all down the river concerning our future about we concern ourselves with that and believe me a bunch of Toys for grown folks won't matter to you so much when the police come knocking on your door telling you your house that you worked hard for is no longer yours even if you own it because they have to confiscate your property to pay for their mistakes.

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 388

None of this will matter when the bottom drops out of the dollar and the peso soars past it in value for the first time in history because they regulated how much US notes can be circulated in Mexico and against the regulations that come with the US dollar that should be no problem so the war on drugs will come to a screeching halt at L. have to peddle their wares elsewhere because the US dollar will be worthless to Them

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 388

what's the big deal the city of St. Louis dumps raw sewage by the millions of gallons into the Mississippi River every time there's a severe thunderstorm and the damnedest thing of it is what you get past St. Louis there's no more dams to contain it so there's no possible way of cleaning up the spills when they take place And this is a municipality. This is worse than them hit Hypocritie up on Wall Street The St. Louis sewer systems have needed revamp for years now and now that they've been hit by the economy any attempts they were making to correct it are going to come to a screeching halt.

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 388

you guys are going back and forth about apples and oranges They have a weaponized the damn things they I Are planning to turn on us and get out in the near future are looking for an excuse so far they've only put tazers on them wired and unwired from what I understand being an amateur ballistics fan the only thing I can Deduct from the wired version of that we have to be a slug type device with energy already stored in some sort of nasty means of penetrating your flesh this is the only way they could deliver A electrified blow to the target meaning and a good stiff wind could cost you your site or even death. Much as I'd like to laugh it's not very funny.

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 388

that was funny as hell yeah you know only government officials will be Allowed to operate anything like that considering their organizing them now and plan to turn them on the American people and a serious crap pops off with the Inevitable happens to the economy just another means to hurt us all into interment camps and then quietly exterminate us. That part I'm not joking about.

Comment Pacification (Score 1) 154

This is a clear-cut case of pacification them trying to divide us Thinking that it would matter to you. ahw we promise to leave your Facebook alone they're just blowing smoke up your ass . it's all or nothing please understand that the bank cartels conglomerates Human rights thieves. Whatever you want to call them . Mean to control the entire world and their Being damn blatant about it lately if you don't draw a line in the sand they'll just keep taking. They don't understand anything but more and more more. Don't get suckered in and stay away from fluoride. And aspartame and everything else they are polluting our food with. .check this out you might find it interesting. Alex isn't talking about sopa & pipa too much right now but when all that crap popped off he was all over it. Understand they're not done pushing and if it's not this it will be something else later and probably a lot more subtle .keep your eyes open don't let your liberties slip from your grasp. listen with your eyes and your good sense at this point use our good constitution as your guide .our forefathers had it right but don't let anybody tell you otherwise and for those folks that are in Canada don't let them cram their draconian ideals down your neck .if that old broads hand still reaches far enough to carry any weight in your legal system you need to cut it off."A" you might want to tell Hollywood to stick it in there ass. Canada needs to boycott them if they didn't want people to steal their ideas They shouldn't have published it on the Internet. Sacrificing the rights of the masses in the name of the few is absolutely insane not to mention you can't possibly feel sorry for them when the Internet is just another stream of income for them when they do a movie they get paid one way or the other because they've got insurance in case the damn movie flops so everybody makes out don't let them lie to you yes it's a high-risk venture and their insurance is high but when you make $30 million for a movie you spent $5 million on as this is being generous to Hollywood because they make a great deal more than that most of the time and if they're going to cry about it maybe they ought to re-think the way they do business. if it wasn't for Joe blow Hollywood wouldn't exist all are wile sitting around in their multimillion dollar mansions and their billion-dollar market shares are flowing in let them understand that the Internet Is Hours and there's but if they want to keep sharing it with us. Let them like what we dish out. Their banker buddies Won't let them starve . that is unless they think their not having an effect on us anymore. Remember that Hollywood is owned lock stock and barrel by none other than the people that would throw you in a prison camp and work you tell you starved to death. and until Hollywood figures out how to rid themselves of these people they can always plan on having a pimp standing over them telling them what to do like the prostitutes they are. "winamp" /Alex Jones . Opt for the free side when you download win amp. And there's a bonus for downloading "winamp" all the free music Your sweet ears can handle I plan to subscribe to winamp very soon. and do yourself a favor and stay away from mainstream media there is very little truth in it unless it's absolutely unavoidable to them another entity that the World Bank's have a stranglehold on if they've got Congress by the short hairs what makes you think they don't control our legal system. They own nations and they're getting damn close to gaining total control over ours. by the way if you have a listen to my recommendations You may not give a damn about mainstream media including Hollywood ever again. If you're not dead from the neck up.

Comment Re:Santorum (Score 1) 267

I know nothing of this man so I don't pretend I'm in the position to comment on his record but what you mean by social authoritarianism. that's the issue here and think it's about the people being able to govern and decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong and will always be wrong is handing your liberties over in the name of safety or the few when the masses have the authority and rightfully so if you are against This you have no right to call yourself an American please explain.

Comment Re:Likely answer... (Score 1) 267

let's hope the American people aren't so stupid. "child pornography" is a whole nother subject this is the perfect example of bad lazy politicians always grouping one issue in with another instead of handling " issue by issue" if they argue they can't do that then we should get somebody in office and in our branches of government that can if they are such simpletons like they have Been in the past most of them have no good claim to the office/position they hold. the American people need to wake up and demand the service they are paying for we were warned in the past of career politicians someone somewhere said In their infinite wisdom politicians and diapers should be changed regularly for the same reason. using one issue to leverage for another which is why nothing ever gets done of any importance. In an expedient manner in Washington DC. not to mention the Deception that follows. As you mentioned the American people need to understand they have the right to demand that this sort of Deceptive practice wouldn't be tolerated. And if you believe for one minute that something as important as child pornography on the Internet couldn't have been addressed "years ago" Then you're just as gullible as the next man. This is a selective enforcement agency. there are already laws in place . And if the truth was known the American people would probably storm DC and trample it beneath their feet. The child pornography laws are used To discredit those who would stand up for themselves.And use like a weapon and used to deceive the American people just another example of why no more ignorant laws like these should come down the pipe in the direction of the American people Until the American people have had time to examine it themselves.And let's face it if you took a really hard look at the politicians that support this bill you would realize that they're probably not much better than the pedophiles child pornography panders to.I would daresay that most of them are just as creepy and disgusting.given the chance to befriend one of them you would eventually see that for yourself. Nasty little Globalists Who mean to sell America downriver.dissolve our borders and hand all of our rights over to the World Bank .this was an afterthought the child pornography laws in this country are aimed directly at the American people in because it was such a touchy subject the American people ignored the fact that they could be accused of being a pedophile and would have no way to get out of the consequences of a crime they never committed. That whole thing needs to be rethought but like I said that is a whole other issue and they haven't addressed it because no one has made Them and the reason for that is the American people do not want to take any chances on letting some nasty pedophile rome loose I wish they would take the same attitude toward the people who use laws like PIPA and SOPA to steal from them.Meaning their liberties that is.

Comment Re:Right (Score 1) 517

I agree with everything you say it couldn't be clearer stop giving more rights to greedy corporations who already have more leverage than they need and put Joe American first because without due American greedy corporations couldn't possibly exist by the way Joe American wake up you dummy stop bending over in front of your abusive corporate cellmate and I shouldn't have to explain the rest it gets a little graphic after that.

Comment Re:Protecting rights (Score 1) 517

I don't care what anybody says about the subject if Joe blow as They are trying to Betray here Was getting bent over the barrel by some hack publishing his work I would be all for him but it's not Joe blow is it ? for the most part it's corporations who are trying to make this our problem with it should be settled at best in the lower courts were Joe blow would have to If this happened to him but because of corporations .if he had to take one of them on the wood handedly lose the case in no time flat Because he doesn't have a war chest full of corporate money .so as far as I'm concerned the corporations Can settle it in court just as Joe blow would have to and if it somehow turned out that Kim Jong was the culprit somewhere in China and China didn't recognize American views on the subject too damn bad .those are the breaks. I could care less just as long as we put Joe blow first let's see America as a system. get behind Joe blow. If Kim Jong bends Joe of over the barrel 6000 miles away And America calls for Kim Jong's head on a stick. when we see that. I might be Interested in some damn Corporations views but until then I'll take the position of telling that the de Rothchild and the Rockefellers of this world to stick it where the sun don't shine .we know that they are not interested in fair play and anyway . They only need to legislate anything at all as to manufacture America's dependency on them anytime any corporation starts whining about anything at all you can bet it's not to be trusted it's about time America shuts them up permanently.if it wasn't for Joe blow corporate America-- global banks-- and global Corporate America wouldn't even exist they exist by the sweat blood and bones of the hard-working people and America around the world Let them solve their own problems and quit crying like The bunch overgrown babies they are. This sickens me to see that they're trying to make this about Joe blow but it never has been Has it?

Comment Re:Enjoy it for a moment (Score 1) 267

these corporations are trying to make it criminal to plagiarize or otherwise Counterfeit intellectual property goods so on and so forth. at best these are civil suits nothing more it is their problem not ours but they're trying to make it our problem. just like when the banks put out bad loans and cried when the people couldn't pay it back. and because they were the "BANKS" they got their way and passed a bunch of silly laws that tilted the scales in their favor, in our history not so far in the past is repeating itself I'd really like to know When people are going to wake up out of the zombie like state they seem to be walking around in.and please don't forget again this was all done by design. they knew exactly what they were doing they were banking on the fact that if there was a real catastrophe America would be forced to bail them out for them it was a win-win situation and now as a citizen of America if you make a really bad banking mistake you can sit in prison the rest of your life or maybe just a few years but your life will still be ruined when the Banks are Through with you and now corporations have seen what the banks have done And are now following marching orders.can anyone here see what's wrong with this picture?these crybabies want to shirk their responsibilities in The courts with never-ending civil suits like the rest of us would have to do if the shoe was on the other foot always forever seeking special treatment I don't what else to say about it you can't call it anything else I'm sorry if they don't want to have to deal with due process but what makes them so special? Let them go after the people Who committed the offense and if this turns out to be an impossibility because a country province so on and so forth doesn't Recognized their views too damn bad.those are the breaks .do you think Joe blow starting a business who made $30,000 last year on the job and thought he caught a break when he came up with a good idea and then Kim Jong. Plagiarized That idea and drove him out of business And put him back on the unemployment line .anyone would raise an eyebrow? I mean really come on. can anyone see how far out of whack that is.when are we going to stop putting corporations before people the strongest economy we could ever enjoy would be if there was figuratively speaking and entrepreneurship system where there was a mom-and-pop shop on every corner of the Internet that if this was the case you wouldn't even need corporations.and this is exactly what they're afraid of.They're trying to legislate/manufacture America's dependency on them. its just another power grab that the Internet grew in the direction that was ideal for the people they would cease to exist and they damn well know it. All you have to do is look back at GeoCities and see what AT&T did to those folks and see why they're trying to jam this in Joe blows hind end. and if we fall asleep they'll get it done. There shelving the bills for now. It's not enough that we defeat this but we undo the things they've accomplished so far and gear the Internet up for mom and dad and little sister and brother.tell the Warburgs de Rothschilds and Rockefellers of the World to go straight to hell. please America.when is enough enough.?Level the playing field this point who cares what they want no matter what it is? Their filthy stinking Vulgarly rich and you are not. This should be reason enough for you. And as long as they exist your chances of being wealthy our little to none.Oh yeah one more thing the folks at GeoCities Filed suit and were claiming. creative rights so on and so forth To keep GeoCities opened for those wonderful people to do business the way they seen fit and because it was in direct conflict of AT&T which is why they acquired it anyway the government Flat let AT&T off the hook does anybody see what's wrong with this.they are in no way interested in anything that's fair. Get that through your head.

Comment Re:We don't need legislation (Score 1) 267

I agree with everything you've said here which is why no one here should be sympathetic To these bills or any other like it if you put profit before people you deserve nothing more than to be treated like a rabid animal and put out of your misery because you are just not geared right. Being fiscally responsible and flat out greedy are two different things. when you go into business for yourself you have to go into it with the understanding that some things are just going to slip through the cracks because the system at hand may be broken but it is the only one we have and we shouldn't seek to make it worse over a bunch of whiny silver spoon fed Third generation millionaires who are so far removed from the reality of real work .you could spend the rest of your life trying to convince them of it.the concept of real work I mean.their sense of entitlement would never allow them to believe that getting dirt and whatnot underneath your fingernails is a badge of honor. And not a horrific way to make a living. let me add it is people like this that the government keeps handing our rights over to for the right price. Meanwhile Joe Down at the cornered Jiffy Lube and his kids and maybe even their kids no matter their efforts will ever know what it's like to sit behind a desk Pushing pencils and pens and papers around for a living. Unless one of them ends up a manager at Wal-Mart.but more than likely most of them will get real familiar with standing in the unemployment line.

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