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Comment Re:Good laws should be technology neutral (Score 1) 360

I really should have rtfa, but there is a difference between mass surveillance and targeted surveillance.

The old school surveillance was targeted, because it just didnt make sense to waste all that manpower. Now that its cheaper to do mass-surveillance.

As a society we have to accept target surveillance (unfortunetly), but software cant be back-doored with any guarantee that it will be only used in targeted surveillance.

Mass surveillance will always be immoral, because its punishing the innocent to try and protect them from the guilty. Principles like that are very human, they dont change with technology.

Comment Re:A damn good reason to learn security best pract (Score 1) 374

Computers (and machines in general) were created to make the life of humans easier. Imho, a real programmer also remembers that fact.

There are no technical reason a programmer cant create code that is good for humans (usable), and for machines (efficient).

The problem is when a programmer decides, or is forced to compromise on quality. That is the lesser programmer.

Comment Re:Punishable by death (Score 1) 149

There needs to be a political goal for it to be considered terrorism.

The law is based on precedents and consistency in judgements, reinterpreting legal definitions because your afraid is just terribly selfish. Why cant you just use other words ?

If someone sabotages equipment that leads to thousands of deaths, then there are other laws to cover that.

The law should not be used as propaganda

your, your, your, your :)

Comment Re:Punishable by death (Score 2) 149

When one or two dickheads with a botnet can knock an entire country offline, there should be severe repercussions. That's terrorism by any definition.

Its not terrorism by any definition, terrorism is using violence or threats of violence to achieve a political goal.

crippling emergency services and police response, interfering with hospitals, and hampering commerce in general?

Maybe try a technical solution to a technical problem, like not having publicly accessible Internet for critical infrastructure.

Now the death penalty or 20 years hard time doesn't sound so outrageous, does it?

Yes it does, your a crazy extremist

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