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Comment Perceptions (Score 2) 105

Moral within an organisation is always important, and stakeholders should have confidence in the board to manage things, but;

This is an organisation that lots of powerful people and government would like to see destroyed, it maintains a product that is controversial, and is used in some extreme circumstances.

Do they really need to manage the perception of their work so aggressively. People will have very strong views for/against TOR independent of perceived employee behaviour.

Can Tor as an organisation be trusted if public perception is more important to them than proven facts.

Is TOR just about money now ?

Comment Re:Say what now? (Score 1) 209


The purpose of democracy is to hold our leaders to account. Snowdens revelations enabled that to happen for short time.

Our leaders create secret organisations that operate at arms length from them, but it doesnt mean they arent responsible for the actions they undertake. Snowden shone a spotlight on a secret organisation, the secret organisation hate it because they dont benefit from accountability, leaders hate it because its something they dont have control of which they should be judged for.

Never go full retard...

Comment Best tool for the job (Score 1) 268

Best tool for the job in the long term is the one you understand, trust and maintainer yourself if need be.

In the short term there may be closed source tools that are better, but be aware you are you are giving some control of you operations to a third party, both financial and security. Your are choosing to give up your independence. Dark side, leads to, it does.

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