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Comment Re:"computer hacking" the convenient catch-all (Score 2) 327

There's zero chance of that happening. Coming in with as many heavy weapons and officers as possible is great for them since it reduces the risks in their work and is in general fun and easy. There have been tens of people shot during raids recently including little children. Try to do something about it and all the police unions will go mental about how you hate cops and want them dead. They almost always get away with it as far as legal repercussions go too. The only way for them to get in trouble is to do something against their training. But their training is "if you feel the slightest bit threatened shoot at the problem until it goes away" so that's not happening either.

Comment How about ignoring it? (Score 5, Insightful) 484

How about not enforcing the laws there since doing otherwise is a stupid waste of law enforcement time and resources? I can't believe anyone can be stupid enough to think cannabis is dangerous enough to merit criminalization. You have to be basically live up your own ass for decades to come up with that opinion.

Comment Re:What does "effectively infinite" mean? (Score 1) 100

Define infinite. There are no infinite things in observed reality and there obviously can not be any in a computer game. Infinite simply means that you can always come up with more of whatever object is under consideration. For example no matter how large a natural number you name I can always name a bigger one. In this case it probably means that when you reach a "border" of the world some more "world" is generated. Given that they claim it is procedurally generated.

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