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Comment Re:Revisionist summary (Score 1) 562

That was the entirety of the information /gathered/ by the Ada Initiative [executive director]. They were a third party and could have asked for more. Also, I don't see anywhere in their blog post that they indicate that the organization would have had a different opinion given the talk abstract.

> The Ada Initiative has, since its founding, recommended strongly against including off-topic sexual content at technical conferences.

It sounds like a pretty broad and clear policy to me.

Comment Trail security cameras (Score 1) 340

A few months back I set up something like this for keeping an eye on our woodlot. I bought from Trailcampro which had all the parts in one place and plenty of advice. I got the [Bushnell Trophy Cam] HD Max Ultimate Package, which included a camera, camouflage steel protective case, rechargeable batteries, charger, and a steel lock cable to lock the camera to the tree. The camera has what this industry calls a 'black infrared' flash for the camera to take pictures at night and reduce the likelihood of being seen. Years ago a game warden put up a trail camera near by to try to catch some bear poachers and just had it destroyed, which is why I opted for the steel case. Of course someone could still tear it apart or down, but they're not going to do so easily and will have to be very intentionally destructive.

While being painted camouflage, it seemed pretty obviously not part of a tree to me so it was hard to find a place to mount it that both had cover and could see the area I was trying to watch. However I've been surprised by how few people who know it is out there have noticed it so far.

The batteries last about two months and I go out monthly to switch SD cards just to keep up on whats going on. I've got the camera set to take three pictures when triggered, which increases the likelihood of seeing something identifying like a license plate.

It works well and I'm pretty happy with it.


Submission + - Chef, new configuration management tool announced (

btm writes: "Opscode has announced the release of chef, a new configuration management tool. Blogs are ablaze with discussion of the differences between puppet and chef which are both written in ruby but have some fundamental philosophy differences. With companies like Google picking up puppet, and job descriptions showing up requiring configuration management experience, are we beginning to see a new chapter in system administration?"

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