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Comment Re:what happens when the batters wears out? (Score 1) 398

How so? Batteries can be replaced and get cheaper as the years go by. There are plenty of 10+ year old Hybrids around with new replacement battery packs.

I fully expect there will be replacement Tesla, Leaf, Volt, etc battery packs readily available when their batteries poop out. In all likelihood they will be cheaper than they are now due to economies of scale, and through improvements in energy density, higher in capacity.

Comment Re:Oh noes, I can't drive X miles (Score 5, Informative) 398

Leaf owner here. Yes, you can set a schedule for the car to charge.

We currently don't because we are charging off the slower 110v charger. (Long story.) Once we get into our new house we'll use the 220v wall unit.

Not directly in reply to parent, but I figure I'll comment as a current Leaf owner -

As far as range, more is definitely better. So, would I want the 150 mile version? Hell yeah! However, we get by just fine with what we have. It is currently our only car. We live in the somewhat sprawling Tampa area. As long as we stay within Tampa / Clearwater / St. Pete for our destination, we're fine without worry or need to charge while we're out.

But, for trips to Orlando, or anything really outside 40 miles from home, we typically rent a gas car and use that. Eventually we plan to get a cheap used SUV as our second car for longer trips, but for now this has worked well enough. We've only really needed longer range about 1 time per month since we owned the Leaf, which is about 3 months now. That has basically been 2 trips to Orlando, and 1 trip to Melbourne. Rental cars are cheap here, and I don't mind spending $100 for a 3 or 4 day rental - at least until I can pay cash for a second vehicle.

Comment New UI is a joke... (Score 1) 2219

The only thing that needs to change here IMO is the commenting system. Remove the score limits. +/- 5 is too limiting. Embrace reddit's commenting scoring with unlimited up and down scores. The look and feel of the site is fine and iconic. Changing it to the Wordpress look-a-like abomination you have for a beta is a travesty. It screams of New Coke marketing thinking to me. Content is what brings people here and has brought me here for what 15+ years now? Focus on adding good content to the site.

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