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Submission + - Computing Pioneer Thacker to Win Turing Award (

btcoal writes: The Wall Street Journal has a profileof Charles Thacker, of Alto fame. It reads, "The Association for Computing Machinery on Tuesday is naming Thacker the latest recipient of the A.M. Turing award, which comes with $250,000 and carries prestige akin to a Nobel Prize in the industry. Thacker is being recognized largely for the Alto, a machine developed in 1974 at Xerox’s famed Palo Alto Research Center that is often called the world’s first personal computer. The ACM is also citing Thacker’s contributions at Xerox PARC to the invention of Ethernet–the most widely used technology for local networks–as well as work on tablet-style computers since becoming a researcher at Microsoft in the 1990s.

'This guy is a real genius,' says Alan Kay, a researcher who worked with Thacker at PARC and a fellow Turing award winner. 'We don’t like to sling that word around in our field, but he is one. He is magic.'"


Submission + - Iranian Cyber-terrorists hit Baidu (

btcoal writes: The Wall Street Journal reports that Iranian hackers use a DNS attack to bring down Baidu âÅ"early Tuesday, and some Internet users reported seeing signs that an Iranian group was behind the attack.â The company directed visitors to an alternate site and had the original search engine back up by that afternoon.

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