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Comment Woohoo Standards! (Score 3, Informative) 85

Honestly the USB-IF should have come up with their own official display profile at this stage, this is becoming ridiculous. We now have Displayport, MHL and HDMI as Alt-modes as well as displayport over thunderbolt carried by type-c. Ugh.

Connector is great and all but the current implementation is trash.

My guess is only one gets used while rest will be ignored, most likely Displayport due to existing implementations as well as Thunderbolt requirements and more up-to-date versions (DP 1.3 vs HDMI 1.4 only). No manufacturer will want to pay additional money in order for all of them to be supported (increased licensing costs as well as more expensive chipsets).

Comment Re:Can it boot without a blob yet? (Score 5, Informative) 59

An open source blob would mean losing all access to hardware accelerated codecs as well as certain specific features in the power management area. This means it currently has only a very low development priority as most users will not want to give up the additional functionality.

Comment USB type-c (Score 1) 412

This would work a lot better if a USB type-c port were used, since there are provisions in the connector to allow analogue audio output. Lightning would need expensive chips to do the conversion in the headphones or adapters, increasing cost. Obviously the momentum of current audio jacks would make this difficult to put through, but making USB capable of replacing pretty much every port in existence is certainly interesting. Having two type-c ports on a phone or computer could for example provide two audio outputs. But in the end this is just to save space, so we will get one port and nothing else :(.

Comment NetVC (Score 2) 184

The netvc Project ( aims to create a video codec that is royalty free and better than current codecs using technologies from multiple contributors.

Current contributions include Daala( from Xiph and Thor( from Cisco, both having good performance in different metrics(FastSSIM and PSNR respectively). Combined, both could achieve higher performance than a single one alone.

If the success of the Opus codec is any indication, this should work out quite nicely :)

Comment HEVC/H.265 (Score 2) 377

The main issue that is going to hold back adoption is the use of HEVC/H.265 as compression codec. While dedicated hardware is not needed to decompress the images in a timely manner, it also means that no licensing fees have been paid to the MPEG LA. Since the format is patent encumbered, I can't see this taking off unless the patent pool decides to give out a royalty free license for still images. Bellard himself assumes that most hardware will come with said codec licensed and built in but that does not include old hardware or even current hardware that is not being shipped with it. Barely anything ships with H.265 support other than the iPhone 6 and a couple of Mediatek SoCs.

Comment Web server (Score 1) 107

I am using mine as a web, email, storage and proxy server which works surprisingly well. Uptime is in excess of 60 days, although I have seen others reaching way more(I do patch my kernels after all).
One thing I have noticed is that WordPress is an extreme hog when it comes to wasting resources, hence static sites help out a lot(as well as a PHP cache).

Not really practical compared to a VPS but nothing beats having this warm fuzzy feeling of having your own underpowered hardware surviving against a horde of script kiddies and an abusive admin ;-)

Comment Nearing complete integration (Score 1) 176

The thing that interests me most about this generation is the progress towards a single chip solution. Ultrabooks and tablets can get a multi chip package with the PCH (last remnant of the old chipset) soldered along the CPU/GPU die. Shouldn't take long till everything is fabbed onto one piece of silicon, reducing power requirements and gadget size.

Comment Mp3 (Score 5, Interesting) 182

Once a standard becomes good enough, people will hang on to it for a long long time. Why bother re-encoding a complete music library from mp3 even if vorbis/aac is clearly the superior codec? Apple has enough difficulties pushing aac through, and not many hardware producers are including vorbis support. I guess the same could be said for windows xp and desktop hardware.

Comment Had one die twice (Score 2) 510

Had an aftermarket SSD for a macbook air fail twice in 2 years (threw it out and placed an original hdd after that). Both times the system decided not to boot and could not find the SSD.

In both cases I have suspected that the Indilinx controller gave way. This seems mirrored in quite a few cases with the experience of others who had drives with these chips in them.

In an ideal scenario the controller should be able to handle the eventual wearout of the disk by finding other memory cells to write to. Any cells that have been used up should still be readable as well since the floating gates basically have been filled up with electrons and will not allow further erasing.

I guess the main issue right now is the fact that SSDs cant notify the user once things get a bit too worn out. Eventually the controller wont be able to keep up with the useless cells and then might simply no longer respond. Things will only get worse when the cycles go down due to smaller manufacturing processes so that useless controllers in cheap SSDs are more likely to fail

Comment Re:AMD needs some high profile support (Score 0) 252

I think a major issue is that as machines become smaller AMD is unable to keep up with lower power chips, mainly due to their fabs being one or two production steps behind Intel.

Take the macbook air for example. The core i5 used in it runs at a 17 Watt TDP and includes both CPU and GPU. The only comparison from AMD would be (correct me if I am wrong) an AMD Fusion e450 with an 18 Watt TDP. This chip may be cheap but the CPU performance is also significantly lower (Graphics barely keep up). In fact I think its slower than the old Core 2 Duos used in the 2010 macbook air, hence Apple having quite possibly a problem with selling something that is slower and more power hungry in their next product.

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