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Comment Re:civil disobedience (Score 1) 803

As for DHS and FBI involvement, it matters, because it is limited federal resources being applied to local problems.

NO NO NO NO NO! it is about that sacred feature of the USA that all POLICING is LOCAL. Never FEDERAL. Posse comitatus and all that. This is a big deal and this firewall has been under siege since Bush and Co and their creeping Fascism under the veil of 'Homeland Security'.

Comment Re:Dont judge without reading TFA carefully (Score 1) 554

I wouldn't be surprised if the writer of that article got paid a nice under the table 'bonus' to pen that article. (Suspiciously 'glowing' review with no mention of the mountain of ethical charges against them). First of all, 'nice' is not Pincus' MO, and if it was true, HE should give back HIS options for incompetence. A person is either an asset or not, but let's say he was just being nice, then how consistent is that with taking away their compensation? it's more like cruel humiliation. This 'give us back the options we wish we hadn't agreed to' is in line with all of the other crap that is becoming legend.

Comment Re:Dont judge without reading TFA carefully (Score 5, Insightful) 554

So let's not be quick in judging him. ok ?

a quick googling of "zynga ethics" will allow you to make a quick judgement of what we're dealing with here. Pincus is setting new standards in rapacious business practices. This is nothing to shrug off, somehow this guy needs to be spanked.

Submission + - More bacteria making hydrogen (

bstender writes: "The efficiency was rather impressive. The bad news is that this highly efficient system requires an expensive, platinum-based cathode. The authors showed that it’s possible to use a cheaper, Molybdenum-based cathode, but efficiencies dropped."

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 159

This is a unique case. A vast majority of experts agreed that the Iraq invasion was a good and necessary move. Most have, many years later, regretted their goose-stepping. To go against this particular movie would not only make you lightning rod for professional opprobrium, but also earn you the special wrath of the Zionists who hold a lot of sway in Hollywood. It's sort of like asking tough questions at the White House Press briefing room, you don't get invited back and are just another reporter afterwards.

Comment color me shocked (Score 1) 213

and i totally thought we were a nation of laws made by the people for the people. one would think that domestic surveillance would only be necessary for a regime that doesnt serve its people but rather operates solely to enrich a tiny elite.

how weird is that! must be a mistake, they must only do it to protect us, yeah, that must be it.

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