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Comment I had these about 10 years ago (Score 1) 261

And they gave me terrible headaches. Playing Descent in real 3d was pretty durned cool, though. Too bad 15 minutes of play left me hurting pretty badly.

I'm guessing the old ones probably shuttered at 60Hz. I'm doubtful that the 120Hz rate solves the issues. I bet it still looks a bit flickery, because I know I can't look at a 60Hz display without eye strain and headaches. They'll need to hit 150 Hz before it really looks smooth.

Comment Re:California is a at will state (Score 1) 779

Fellow godless here. Not something I openly advertise to certain folks, though. I'm careful specifically because of religious bias in the area I live (Kentucky).

As for legality, you may be correct. I just remembered that Kentucky passed a law in recent years that specifically *allows* religious organizations to discriminate. It all came about because of Camp Quest, a secular/skeptic camp for kids that was started here in Kentucky. More here: http://www.edwinkagin.com/documents/bullittsburg/

Yay Kentucky.

Comment Re:California is a at will state (Score 1) 779

Isn't religion a choice? Being a certain skin color is not. I doubt most handicapped persons chose their condition, either.

Being straight or gay is maybe a choice (I'm uncertain whether any genes have been specifically IDed yet.).

There's a big difference between *choosing* a path in life and being born into one. It's perfectly fine to discriminate against people for choices they make. It's not ok to discriminate based on their lot in life.

I'm saying that as a pretty liberal guy, too. I just don't like legislation forcing me to accept some people's choices. If they choose, they can deal with the consequences.

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