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Comment Economies aren't linear. (Score 1) 519

Human economy, like the stock market or the weather, exhibits mathematical chaos. Consequently, efforts to directly control it through programmed manipulation of pricing and production inevitably cause unpredictable results. In human terms, that means economic imbalances and human want. This is the fundamental reason that planned economies never succeed, whatever the circumstances. Like a garden, the economy needs boundaries, systemic inputs, and occasional weeding. But if you try to tell the plants how to grow, some will inexplicably die; others will become super-weeds. The OP imagines that the economy can be "solved" through linear programming. Because the system is made up of cellular automata (us), this can no more work than planning a complex outcome in Conway's Game of Life.

Comment Re:Religious fanatics scare me (Score 0) 163

Israel, for some of its citizens, is a liberal democracy, and that's commendable. On the other hand, it's an apartheid state, and for the sake of "maintaining it's Jewish character" is doing what apartheid states are wont to do, and committing a slow genocide against its oppressed.

So, what was your point about religious fanatics?

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