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Comment Re:Not Iphone (Score 1) 55

When it comes to technology, most people are 'kiddies'. They just want something that works and it easy to use. They follow the script like any kiddie. Most people what something that works and does something useful - they're not interested in how it works.

An iPhone app that can read the ink is special to them because it's available and works.

Comment Re:Can someone explain IPv6 without NAT? (Score 2) 551

You have a link local address AND a different global address. It's the global address that will be routed.

Link local addresses are useful locally. There's even a link local system for IPV4 but hardly anyone seems to know about it. From Wikipedia and various RFCs - "In IPv4, the block 169.254/16 is reserved for this purpose, with the exception of the first and the last /24 subnet in the range. "

Comment Re:There's no such things as shortages... (Score 1) 376

This would allow the IPv6 world to talk to all of the IPv4 world but does nothing to allow the IPv4 to talk to the full IPv6 world.

How would an IPv4 user connect to a new IPv6 service that did not also have a corresponding IPv4 address? You'd have to limit the IPv6 address space size to that of IPv4 which rather defeats the object!

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