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Comment Re:Stagecoach in the UK have them already (Score 1) 71

In New Zealand, Auckland Transport updated their requirements for new buses that all operators of AT services must follow in 2015. One requirement was that USB ports must be installed in at least every second row (on each side), other requirements include wifi and monitors showing up to date route information an announcements. With all the contracts being re-tendered between the end of last year and early next year about half of all buses will have these features bythe end of next year. These are local buses running around a city.

Comment Re:Second to announce being first. (Score 2) 249

Huntly is the only transmission connected coal plant in New Zealand.

According to the Electricity Authority stats for distributed generation...

There is no fuel type on the registry for Coal. "Other" has 120MW from 28 connections and "Undefined" 0.022 MW from 10 connections. From that it is safe to say that there is probably no other coal plants in operation in New Zealand. ( Source )

1. The New Zealand Government has not banned coal plants but they are hard to run economically against hydro, gas and geothermal.
2. Huntly was originally going to close sooner (end of 2018 when its current fuel stock ran out), it is only being kept open because other electricity companies are paying for the 2 units left to remain on call.
3. Huntly can be switched over to run on gas, which it mostly did until the 90's when gas supplies became tighter.

Comment Re:Complete nonsense (Score 1) 400

Sunken cost.

The last steam trains built made exactly 1 run, from the factory to the scrapheap. When diesels came in they were so much cheaper to run and maintain it wasn't worthwhile keeping around a brand new steam engine that you had already paid for.

If an new self driving truck is cheaper long term than paying the driver of the current truck, then the current truck and driver will be gone.

Comment Re:Die, IoT, die! (Score 1) 22

Already done. Auckland, New Zealand is busy installing these at the moment. The existing mostly sodium bulb fittings are being replaced with LED fittings, on the quieter streets the lights will be equiped with motion sensors that will turn on the lights for the whole when they detect a car.

30% of all streetlights are being replaced over a 3 year period. Total cost for the project -$20 million, yes negative, the savings in electricity move than covers the cost of replacing the lights.

Comment Re:Uh, no you're not (Score 1) 157

Exactly this is just demand response/load management (the terminology depends on who has the control, the utility doing it automatically or the customer doing it when requested).

For the last decade this has been going on for industrial and commercial properties, where customers are paid either to turn off interruptible load (say a cool store) or run their backup generators for a couple of hours. Industrial and commercial because you only need to manage a few sites to get a large response, e.g. ringing up Google and asking them to switch a data centre over to generators for a hour.

For residential customers this is even older, pilot lines and ripple control have allowed utilities to turn off stored water heaters/night store heaters as required, this is 60+ years old. The first trials for this were used as energy saving measures during WWII.

Comment Re:permission to go to the moon? (Score 1) 55

The US has jurisdiction on the ground the company plans to launch from and the airspace that they plan to fly through.

The US has jurisdiction over New Zealand?

The FAA has jurisdiction over Moon Express because they are an American company. Rocket Lab who are launching the rocket are based in New Zealand (registered in the US but based in New Zealand) hence the large silver fern and NZ on the rocket and a launch site in New Zealand.

Comment Re:uh-huh (Score 1) 171

If you look at the actual costs they are going to be similar between the US and NZ, it is a global market for medical supplies and doctors. The difference is who pays

angioplasty with 2 stents (heart surgery): $17,000-$20,000
This is rarely done as elective surgery through a private hospital, so although the operation would cost that much to perform, it would paid by the district health board. Last time my father had this done the doctors were discussing during the op if they should ask for a refund from the manufacturer of the stent that didn't work.

Let's compare the price paid for cancer treatment, what would 12.5 months of hospital stays, chemo, painkillers, a nurse visiting your home everyday for a month (plus 2 months of less frequent visits), multiple doctors visits to your home (with 2 doctors so you can get an instant second opinion) cost in the US? In NZ the out of pocket payment was $2 to fill a proscription for 1,000 paracetamol tablets.

I think I will take the government healthcare

Comment Re:why the word needs openstreetmap (Score 1) 132

Openstreetmap has my address but thinks I am in a different province, but then again so does accuweather (I wonder who uses who as the source).

Google maps on the other hand have my driveway marked as a road and the actual road not existing (well the satelite photos are at least 8 years old), also the have labeled the village with the name of a hotel (which closed and moved away years ago) instead of the real and completely different name, I guess the hotel having "village" in its name was the problem there.

Comment Re:See even Microsoft thinks MacBook Airs rule! (Score 1) 365

Metro or DEATH?

Death please, seriously.

Can someone please explain to me why you would want that interface on a server, the last company that I worked for "upgraded" the RDP server from 2K3 to 2012, it was the most painful experience of my life and I once had a root canal done with no pain killers.

Comment Re:Families come first (Score 1) 370

Or just negotiate your salary based on 37.5 hours a week and get paid for overtime, public holidays, on call standby, on call callouts (minimum 4 hours per call out). If the company wants you to do work there must be some value in it for them, which means there should be something in it for you.

By the way the above example isn't in Europe and one person did manage to combine all of the above to claim 26 hours pay for 1 day.

Comment Re:Phone / Internet (Score 2) 110

In New Zealand it is (or at least was) 24 hours without the phone = 1 months free line rental. I know of at least one power company in New Zealand that has to pay out $50 to each affected customer if an outage on their network lasts more than 4 hours. Both of these are for residential connections.

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