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Media (Apple)

Submission + - The largest underground Mac community faces coup (

Anonymous Coward writes: "In a palace coup only imaginable in one of Shakespeare's tragedies, a moderator faction of one of the largest underground Mac communities was shut out this weekend after it was discovered many staff members were staging a coup, including an attempt to surreptitiously acquire the domain. ( In an Steve Jobs-like "Open Letter to the Community", the founders of MSJ explain how a number of people at the highest levels of the underground planned their takeover activities for almost two years, only to be foiled at the last minute. In an age of terrorism, are Western societies now taking cues from hostile countries instead of the other way around?"
The Internet

Submission + - Threatening letter after using Bittorrent - Canada

Poligraf writes: A friend of mine in Canada had a guest who used Bittorrent while being connected throught his system.

A couple of days later he received the following notice:

— Original Message —
Sent: Friday, August 10, 2007 8:32 AM
Subject: Rogers EUA Management Team Notice

> Dear Mr xxxxxx
> Rogers Cable (Rogers) has received a notice stating that activities
> associated with your IP address are infringing copyright in material(s)
> owned or exclusively licensed by others.
> The full notice is appended to this e-mail below.
> Under section 4(d) of the Rogers Yahoo! Hi-Speed Internet End User
> Agreement (EUA) and Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), you are prohibited from
> using the Rogers Yahoo! Hi-Speed Internet service to engage in illegal
> activities, including activities that infringe copyright. Copies of our
> EUA and AUP are available at:
> ?.form=terms&.intl=ca
> Where there has been a violation of our EUA and/or AUP, including the
> unauthorized distribution of copyright-protected material, Rogers has the
> right to take appropriate action against you.
> If you have any questions about the attached copyright notice, please
> contact the sender of the notice using the contact information provided in
> the notice. Please do not reply to this e-mail.
> We trust you will comply with our policies and all applicable laws in
> using the Rogers Yahoo! Hi-Speed Internet service.
> Rogers EUA Management Team
> Sincerely,
> EUA Management Team
> Rogers Yahoo Hi-Speed Internet
> ?.form=terms
> 00560167
> Hash: SHA1
> Entertainment Software Association
> 575 7th Street, NW, Suite 300
> Washington, DC 20004 USA
> Attention: Intellectual Property Enforcement
> Telephone: 202-223-2400
> E-mail:
> x
> 10 Aug 2007 06:56:44 GMT
> ISP: Rogers Cable Communications Inc.
> ESA Reference Number:
> Dear Rogers Cable Communications Inc.:
> The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) is a trade association that
> represents the intellectual property interests of numerous companies that
> publish interactive games for video game consoles, personal computers,
> handheld devices and the Internet in the United States of America, in
> Canada, and in other countries (collectively referred to as ESA members).
> ESA is authorized to act on behalf of ESA members whose copyright and
> other intellectual property rights it believes to be infringed as
> described herein.
> ESA is providing this letter of notification to make Rogers Cable
> Communications Inc. aware of material on its network or system that
> infringes the exclusive copyright rights of and is unlawful towards one or
> more ESA members.
> ESA members are entitled to the full protection of Canadian intellectual
> property laws, including the Copyright Act, R.S.C. 1985, c. C-42, as
> amended, in such entertainment software products.
> Based on the information at its disposal, ESA has a good faith belief that
> the IP address below infringes the rights of one or more ESA members by
> offering for sale or download unauthorized copies of game products
> protected by copyright, or offering for sale or download material that is
> the subject of infringing activities. The copyrighted works that have
> been infringed include but are not limited to:
> Title: Starcraft
> Infringement Source: BitTorrent
> Infringement Timestamp: 9 Aug 2007
> Infringement Last Documented: 9 Aug 2007
> Infringer Username:
> Infringing Filename: Starcraft + broodwar
> Infringing Filesize: 1638897263
> Infringer IP Address: XXXXXXXX
> Infringer DNS Name:
> Infringing URL:
> The unauthorized copies of such game product(s) or the material that is
> the subject of infringing activities appears on or is made available
> through the above-listed IP address. Those items are listed and/or
> identified thereon by their titles or variations thereof, game-related
> listings/references/descriptions, or depictions of game-related artwork.
> Such copies, titles, game-related listings/references/descriptions,
> depictions, and material that is the subject of infringing activities, are
> hereinafter referred to as "Infringing Material."
> Accordingly, ESA hereby requests Rogers Cable Communications Inc. to
> immediately do the following:
> 1. Notify the account holder of the Infringing Material.
> 2. Remove, or disable access to, the Infringing Material detailed above.
> 3. Take appropriate action against the account holder under your Abuse
> Policy/Terms
> of Service Agreement, including termination of a repeat offender.
> Please inform us whether you will remove or disable access to the
> Infringing Material as requested. Rogers Cable Communications Inc. or the
> account holder may contact ESA at the above-listed contact details, with
> email preferred. Please include the above-noted Reference Number in the
> subject line of all email correspondence.
> Thank you for your cooperation and prompt response in this matter.
> Sincerely,
> Intellectual Property Enforcement
> Entertainment Software Association

Is such monitoring widespread these days? Is it limited to Canada, or other countries are also controlled by the copyright lawyers?

What should he do?

I've suggested him to ignore the notice and just be careful about his guests.

Can /. crowd give some insight and advice?

Submission + - Making '1984' Look Like the Good Old Days

theodp writes: "Q. What do you get when you combine 20,000+ police surveillance cameras with residency cards fitted with chips that store a citizen's work history, educational background, religion, ethnicity, police record, medical insurance status, landlord's phone number and personal reproductive history? A. The world's largest effort to meld cutting-edge tech with police work to fight crime by tracking the activities of a mobile population, if you ask security experts. Or a massive civil rights violation, if you ask human rights activists. The technology, which is being deployed to keep tabs on 12.4 million people in Shenzhen, China, is supplied by incorporated-in-Florida China Public Security."
Linux Business

Submission + - Kernel Developer Con Kolivas: Why I Quit? (

Bryce R writes: "Con Kolivas is a prominent developer on the Linux kernel and strong proponent of Linux on the desktop. But recently, he left it all behind. Why? In this interview with, Con gives insightful answers exploring the nature of the hardware and software market, the problems the Linux kernel must overcome for the desktop, and why despite all this he's now left it all behind."
Star Wars Prequels

Submission + - New Mail Boxes Pay Tribute to Star Wars

An anonymous reader writes: With the 30th anniversary of Star Wars this year, the Postal Service has come up with a unique tribute: R2D2 mail boxes. Pictures of legions of them lined up can be found here.

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