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Comment Re:Even on Nexus phones (Score 1) 215

I have a Nexus 5 and am currently on stock, but seriously considering one of the 7.1.1 builds. The one thing that keeps me on stock is Google SafetyNet. I have some apps (Android Pay, etc.) that need a SafetyNet pass to run. So far it doesn't look like custom ROMs will ever be able to support this on anything passed 6.0.1.

Comment Re:Why do the phones have barometric sensors? (Score 1) 82

They also assist in Emergency (911 and such) location. I worked at a company that develops the MEMs ICs for the pressure sensors and one of the goals was to determine accurate enough altitude information to determine the callers location in a tall building. If you call 911 in a high rise it would be nice for the emergency personnel to know which floor you are are on.

Comment MSNBC loves to blow things out of proportion (Score 1) 327

Here's a great example of mainstream media blowing things up to get eyes on their site. Microsoft had one of the best FYQ4s ever and if it wasn't for a write off of $6 billion on a stupid acquisition in 2007 it would have made a huge profit. MS stock is up and investors are happy. Haters are going to hate.

Comment Fuduntu (Score 1) 315

I've been using Fuduntu for nearly a year now (Fedora based, roling release distro that has stuck with Gnome 2) and it has worked out well. I don't know how long they can keep away from Gnome 3, but for the time being I'm grateful that they aren't jumping on the unity/Gnome 3 bandwagon.

Comment Re:Taking Off vs. Landing (Score 1) 149

Take-off seems to be where most problems occur. If you remember, the reason that Columbia burned up in re-entry was because of a problem that occurred at take-off (foam flying off and ripping a hole in the wing). If Columbia would have had a successful take-off, they most likely would have had a successful re-entry. I think take-off is more dangerous because you are not strapped to millions of pound of explosives when you re-enter.

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