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Journal bryanthompson's Journal: New Job situation! 2

I've been away from leftydot for awhile... I purposely changed my password to random letters & numbers and then logged off, so I'd have to go through a lot of effort to log back in. It worked for a few months :)

Anyway, the project I've been working on for my current employer is getting close enough to completion that we're starting to license it. I talked to my former employer, a network of radio stations, and sold the program to them. It worked out pretty well... I have still technically been on their payroll as a consultant, so I used some of this consulting time to configure the app to their very specific needs and to design some new systems using our program.

Well, earlier this month they asked if I would go back to them on a more permanent basis and if I'd take over their networks/websites/database/other systems. I guess this makes me their "Tech Coordinator." I get to work side-by-side with the station engineers, which has always interested me, plus they gave me a company car, raise, health ins, 401k, co-op retirement, PLUS time to work on my own projects. The best part? I get to keep working for my current company. So, for 30 hours a week I'll be doing radio station things, and for 20 hours I'll be doing development for these guys.

Also, i'm going to be getting a server from ServerBeach.com (on Blinder's recommendation) for my personal projects. I have 3 projects that I've been trying to get finished in my own time (read: the hours between 12am and 3am). I hope to write about them more in the future, and hopefully get some friends involved. I'm too much of a perfectionist to involve other programmers at this time... yeah, it's probably a flaw :)

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New Job situation!

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  • Great news there! You'll need to let us know how your projects work out.
  • That's great to hear about your 2 jobs and being able to benefit from both. In regards to ServerBeach, if Blinder is also hosted at ServerBeach, you both could benefit from their referral program. Make sure to ask Blinder for his referral code when you proceed to place your order. Each of you could receive hosting credits.

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