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Comment Let's revise that quote (Score 2) 126

Rather than, ""Every single link to non-trusted websites should open, by default, in a Private/Incognito window," it should read, ""Every single link should open, by default, in a Private/Incognito window." In fact, there should be no way for a website to determine where else you've been. Sandbox everything; it's the only way to force advertisers and tracking companies to do things differently.

Comment This is why many browsers is a very good thing (Score 1) 206

Use particular browsers for particular sites. A feature I'd love for a browser to have would be something in-between the "everything goes" mode and Incognito mode. Something that siloed each site, letting it store data from itself but not see what anything else was doing, would be absolutely fantastic. Each site you visited would be told, in effect, that the only site you ever visited was theirs.

Comment A return to the Wild West? (Score 3, Interesting) 170

Having seen the bloom of CPU architectures in the 80s and 90s, and the effective monoculture we have now on the performance end of things, it would be interesting to see competing models and new attempts start popping up here and there. Everyone points to Apple's A-series as possibly moving to the desktop, but why just them? The world worked just fine when there was competition â" x86 vs 68k, PPC vs Alpha vs x86, etc. etc. Good things could grow if Intel would no longer be the 500-lb beast.

Comment Part of a Greater Thrust (Score 1) 317

It's simple â" get people used to not being able to block content sent to them, and you'll get people who won't say boo when government-required tracking software is mandatory on any net-connected device. When people don't believe that what belongs to them is theirs, there are amazing things you can get done.

Comment Some Think Otherwise (Score 3, Informative) 324

I have heard an argument from the corporate IT side that Apple needs to continue to offer the 16gb model for the sake of corporate clients, who don't want to stuff them full of data or apps, but want to tightly control what apps are on them, and need little more room for anything else. As they're not going to make one just for corporations (this is Apple, after all â" scaling & possible scaling down the road, or they're not going to do it), they might as well make it the baseline version.

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