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Submission + - How to turn everything around you into a musical instrument (

brunozamborlin writes: Here is the new version of Mogees, a sensor that transforms every object around us into a musical instrument. A pan, a tree, a bench, you name it. Everyone can be the creator of his own musical instrument just with this sensor and an app. Check it out !

Submission + - Mogees is now on Kickstarter! Turn objects around you into music instruments (

brunozamborlin writes: After three years of work, PhD student Bruno Zamborlin launches the Mogees project on Kickstarter.
Mogees consists of a mobile app for iOS/Android and a small sensor that detects and analyses the vibrations that we make when we interact with the objects around us. It uses a special sound technique to alter their acoustic properties so as to make them musical.
Above all, it's about everyone making beautiful music out of ordinary objects. Just plug it in and play the world.

Submission + - Body Language Based Gameplay (

brunozamborlin writes: "This video shows a new approach to designing video game characters that can respond to our body movements and body language. Rather than trying to program explicit rules for behavior, which would make it hard to capture the subtleties of body language, this software allows people to design movements directly by moving and interacting."

Comment Re:Flawed, or useable? (Score 1) 53

In this system the user can define a gesture by performing it just once. So users can easily define their gestures for every surface in few seconds. The next step would be to automatically recognise that the surface has changed so to avoid to re-train the system for every surface. Thanks for the interest!

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 4, Interesting) 53

In the video we see that different gestures are mapped to different sounds. For example the coin enables a certain abstract sound whist the bare fingers enables the bass sound and the nails enables the pad... this is done thanks to gesture recognition techniques (a modified version of Hidden Markov Models to work in realtime). Apologies whether it is not clear enough in the video though...

Submission + - Transforming Any Surface Into Interactive Boards W

brunozamborlin writes: "I just published a short video that shows how a very cheap contact microphone can be used to recognize different types of fingers touch and transform any surface into an interactive board.
In the video we put the microphone over different surfaces such as kitchen tables and balloons and through realtime gesture recognition we show how we can play different virtual music instruments using a technique called physic modelling . A mobile version would be definitely possible."

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