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Comment Something for your wife..... (Score 4, Interesting) 698

I know the question is about video messages to your daughter , but there is also your wife who will miss you .... I read somewhere that a guy arranged at a local flowershop to send flowers to his wife on valentines day for some years after his death.. ...Maybe you can arrange something like that for her... good luck !

Comment Wimps? Wimps everywhere ! (Score 1) 293

from the article :
"... physicists are not ready to give up on the idea of detecting WIMPs. They may simply have a lower mass, or may be more weakly interacting than originally hoped....We have some way to go"

So former wimps are having a hard time finding WIMPs themselves? That's an interesting turn of events !!

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 149

these are not normal Korean jellyfish, these are an invasive species, looks like fat american variety, but actually traced to the torpedo-tubes of israeli submarines lurking in Asian waters.

usnavy has sonar which repeatedly and consistently kills most whales within its range. this fact has been largely ignored until last week. mass-media prefers to blame dead whales on the Northerners and Japanese.

sharks are altogether a different problem

Gotta kill these fat american invaders!

Smile!! You're on NSA Camera!

Comment Re:G-O-L-D Baby. (Score 1) 868

Gold has no practical value. The only reason some people are willing to spend money on it is because they like shiny things. I would suggest that things that actually have a practical value (food or oil for example) are a better store of value.

oh come on! It's not as good electrical conductor as copper or silver, but it has its value! Not to mention that it works well as a reflector for electromagnetic radiation!

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