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Comment Re:Goatse (Score 1) 135

Why should I, :

"Ugh. Goatse. You asshole."
"I hope you die in a fire before you are old enough to contaminate the gene pool."
"Ugh. Goatse. NSFW. Asshole (poster and picture, both)."
"Why the sudden coordinated campaign for Goatse? Is someone making money off this?"
"I did not even bother to look, but this same idiot has been doing this for weeks now. Fuck off asshole."
"Thanks, I'm reading slashdot in class like a good student and just got tubgirl'd."
"you are one dedicated troll."
"Parent should be modded down. Link is NSFW and mentally scarring."
"mod to -1, please. this guy is an 'asshole'.... (yes, you guessed it)"
"Seriously ... new account to post that ... what a douche!"
"Argh. Goatse alert..."
"Oh dear god my eyes. Haven't seen THAT awful image in a while."
"Grow up"
just post the damn url, i'm not going to click on a tinyurl link and get goatse'd or something..
Don't click the link! Goatse wannabe.
Well played, sir. Well played.
Goatse URL - Haven't seen that guy in a while
Doh! One has to also recognize data urls. *sigh*
Someone please mod this guy down... Don't click his link.
nice goatse. i like...
i WAS eating lunch you ass!
Asshole... Ginormous asshole, in fact.
Urgh...dammit, am I the only one thinking the goatse trolls are getting worse lately than they have been in the past five years? Are they gaming the mod system or something?
Really? Are you not tired of this yet?
Another quote in my troll food list.

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