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Comment I said GoodBye to MSFT in 2010 (Score 0) 132

Too little and far too late.

I needed an ISO in 2010 but Microsoft wanted an additional $150 from me so I switched to Ubuntu.

No more Microsoft products for me and quite happy about it.
Ubuntu is faster, smaller, easier to backup, restore and I don't have a gigantic company that's purposely looking for ways to ruin my computer or software so I'll have to buy more.

Comment Waiting for Congress to realize that they're (Score 5, Informative) 529

also evil.

The layoff wasn't much of a surprise.
I've been expecting it for a few years and I expect that Apple and Google will follow suit,
just not sure of the timeframe. They're all engaged in verticalizing their information
equivalent of a supply chain, i.e. an indicator of saturating markets.


Comment The Big Data Crash (Score 5, Insightful) 43

The Big Data Crash began about a year ago. Google jiggered the numbers from its own Trends tool sometime earlier this year to disguise it, but you can still still it happening on page. Most likely, they're cutting prices in the face of declining rate-of-increase in demand. i wrote this article about it six months ago -

Comment The old-time capitalists were smarter than today's (Score 4, Insightful) 683

Today's capitalists are so all-consumed with greed that it's hard to imagine somebody like Henry Ford actually raising wages to his workers could buy mor stuff. Mister Super-Genius Tom Perkins probably can't even imagine an act like that, or imagine reducing the national workweek to 36 hours to force employers to broaden income distribution, which is really how the Great Depression was fixed (48-hour workweek reduced to 40).

Cry me a river when the government takes your obscene wealth away, Tom.

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