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Comment Facebook's memorializing procedures... (Score 1) 284

leave a lot to be desired.

On a message board I frequent, there's a prank going around where a "friend" of a Facebook user will report the death of the user to Facebook, along with a faked obituary (apparently there are websites where one can easily create same), and based solely on this Facebook will lock down the account into "memorial" status.

It's currently easier for a stranger to convince Facebook that you're dead than it is for you to convince them that you're still alive.

Comment Re:To be fair (Score 1) 699

The only real "modern" Christianity movement with any longevity and a smattering of cohesion is the Evangelicals. Saying that some do or do no believe anything is somewhat pointless, since they can make up just about anything they want and it's "okay". Nonetheless, the overwhelming majority are certain that once you're Saved, you're good.

I frequent a message board or two with active religion sections that I browse from time to time. That generalization is far far FAR from the truth. The "works vs. grace" debate flares up often, and it gets quite heated.

Social Networks

Submission + - Analyst, 15, creates storm after trashing Twitter (

Barence writes: "A 15-year-old schoolboy has become an overnight sensation after writing a report on teenagers' media habits for analysts Morgan Stanley. Intern Matthew Robson was asked to write a report about his friends' use of technology during his work experience stint with the firm's media analysts. The report was so good the firm decided to publish it, and it generated "five or six" times more interest than Morgan Stanley's regular reports. The schoolboy poured scorn on Twitter, claiming that teenagers "realise that no one is viewing their profile, so their tweets are pointless". He also claimed games consoles are replacing mobile phones as the way to chat with friends."

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