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Submission + - Campaigning to get women into technology fields 1

broseidon writes: Psychology professor Sapna Cheryan believes that, in order to change the female-to-male ratio within IT, we need to eliminate the "nerdy, uncleany" image associated with computer scientists and the like. While stereotypes are just a generalization, is it really a wise decision to sensationalize IT as more "mainstream", just to break gender barriers?

Submission + - Boston Tech Vs. the Bomber (

An anonymous reader writes: Amid rumors of an impending arrest in the Boston Marathon bombing, Xconomy has a rundown of local companies working on technologies relevant to the investigation and aftermath. The approaches include Web analytics to identify communication patterns, image and video analysis of the crime scene, surveillance camera hardware and software, and smart prosthetic devices for amputees. A big challenge the authorities face is the sheer volume and different proprietary formats of video from security cameras, mobile devices, and media groups. Ultimately this will be a case study in whether an individual bent on destruction can remain anonymous in an era of digital surveillance, social media, and crowdsourcing.

Submission + - Reddit Investigates the Boston Bombing (

explosivejared writes: Reddit users have formed a crowdsourced effort to compile photos and trade theories about the Boston Marathon bombing on Monday. There's always a worry that moves like this might turn into mob-led witch hunts, but cooler heads seem to be prevailing. A post warning people of repeating the mistakes made surrounding the accusations of Richard Jewell has been voted to the top of the findbostonbombers reddit. Of particular interest is the subreddit on analysis of the bomb components. Users seem to have established the type of trigger used and may be able to establish a radius that the bomber(s) may have been within during the blast

Comment Re:female slashdotters? (Score 1) 181

From an X-chromosome perspective, it's more funny to read the war between the chauvinists and the white knights. On a serious note, I'll add my two cents: Don't treat me like I'm your secretary, don't put me on a pedestal. Treat me like a normal cubmate, give me projects appropriate for my level of competency, and if I screw something up call me on it. Really, it's that simple.

Comment Re:NPR Morning Edition - Facebook COO Sheryl Sandb (Score 2) 181

I missed the NPR broadcast today, nor have I seen Gloria Allred's accounts; but I saw Sheryl Sandberg as a keynote at the Grace Hopper conference in 2011, and she actually did a solid speech on a very similar topic. IIRC, she discussed the challenges and compromises that women make in technology or other male-dominated field; but she also discussed how that landscape can change, and how women can achieve success both with their family and in a career, similar to your summation of Ms Allred's points. I'm not sure if Allred was trying to make family/career balance come across as utopian, but I'd take what I heard during Sandberg's keynote more to heart because it is, in fact, not an easy balance to achieve... It goes so far beyond needing an unbiased employer; you also need your sig o's unwavering support, and be able to handle the possibility of living a less traditional (non-hallmark) kind of life. Forget social stigmas within the workplace when there is a giant elephant in the room regarding the roles/duties between husband and wife/mother and father.

Submission + - Coding clubs for British Schoolkids (

undulato writes: "The BBC are reporting about volunteers organising code clubs for primary school children (aged 10-11 years) undoubtedly off the back of the current wave of interested in the Raspberry Pi and also recent comments by Eric Schmidt. Can this movement stop kids becoming "secretaries rather than programmers"? And if so what's so wrong with secretaries?"

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