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Comment Life's Short. Think Hard. (Score 1) 67

I would just like to say that, like my co-author and good friend mentioned, I, too, am very flattered that so many of you took the time to not only read this article but to also criticize or discounted it as "bull shit" :) I personally think that academia needs to write more "bull shit" about video games and their highly complex narratives. I would love to assign "chapters" in a video game to my students for their own analysis. In my opinion, Silent Hill 2 is as sophisticated as anything that ever came off the quill of Shakespeare. I also believe that the designers of the Silent Hill series are very aware of psychoanalysis, and they definitely used what they know to add fascinating visual and psychological depth. To not stop a minute and appreciate this layering would be to trivialize the experience of playing these games. So many of us are drawn into dark, dark blood-soaked caverns of survival horror games, I think Stephen King in his article "Why We Crave Horror Movies" is correct. These games are a purging of the deeper demons within all of us. They illuminate the blackest corners of our own psyches. That, to me, seems worthy of as much "bull shit" as we can devote to it.

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