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Comment Re:the more guns you have, the more likely you are (Score 1) 212

So if other methods aren't as lethal as a firearm, wouldn't you want to maintain access to firearms to a) provide a means for suicidal people from maiming themselves severely and permanently, b) allow them to ease their suffering in as humane a fashion as possible?

If people are going to try to kill themselves for real, they're just going to do it. Reducing the margin of error and making it easier seems like the more civilized way to do this, don't you think?

Comment Re:Is using a dead womans voice... (Score 1) 145

Nah, it'd result in some pretty crappy rip-offs.

Have you seen the show Dark Matter? It tries really hard to be Firefly-esque - identical (if shallower) archetyped characters (bravado gunman, gifted girlchild, etc.) , all with a similar gist. At least in the first couple episodes, that's as far as I got due to the insufferable dialog and acting.

And without the characters - the acting, the motion, etc. - it'd not be the same. And which is harder, impersonating someone, or playing a unique character? I'm fairly certain the latter, due to how many impersonators there are...

Now, if you had a fan-made Firefly continuum? If production quality was good, I can definitely see that being potentially viable due to the love that fans put into their stuff....

Comment Re:That's nice (Score 1) 412

What you're saying is that voting disenfranchises people and removes their ability to exercise self-determination if they either lose, or don't vote.

If the implications of a vote have such broad reaching implications as to change the course of history, to impoverish people or to make people rich, then the system is wrong: it is a system designed to increase inequity, as power always begets power. Yes, democracy increases inequity.

And, to wit, you can't fix a system by being a part of the system, particularly not a dichotomy like our political system. That isn't how the money and vote brokering works. Sorry: you become a part of he system by being a part of the system. It's already happened with Johnson - he's "sold out" the libertarian party, significantly - and it will happen further.

Comment Re:Too Bad He's Shown His True Colors (Score 1) 412


The Dept. of the Treasury can not be eliminated, as it was founded on direction from the Constitution.

The IRS itself, didn't exist until the Civil War (and that should be a very big clue to you as to how legal it is).

The Revenue Act of 1862. Look it up. It's the sole basis for the IRS, and it was unconstitutional as the Constitution REQUIRES taxation to be uniform - which the tax code has never been.

Comment The end of the modern era (Score 1) 203

This is the beginning of the end of the modern era.

It was modern medicine - antibiotics, mainly - which allowed the advances which make modern life possible. Things like space flight, or even high capacity public transit, become untenable when the possibility of fatal bacterial strains being spread in the public: people will shun crowded, filthy public transit for fear of contracting something.

And just forget about manned space flight.

Comment Re:White Noise (Score 1) 130

Virtualized platforms also have a hard time with entropy, as their hardware is emulated.

There are several daemons you can use, eg. haveged or randomsound, or entropyd. You can also use network broadcast traffic to seed entropy (can't recall how at the moment), and various other sources. What's needed, I think, is a means to source all of these to generate entropy so this becomes less of a problem.

Comment Re:More likely... (Score 1) 408

What happened here can be analogous to scenarios such as the following:

* toaster instantly carbonizes toast
* tapping the accelerator causes it to stick, accelerating against the brakes

If a car has a functionality such as 'autopark' (or 'summon', which suggests the user would be able to do it without being in the vehicle), it should not matter whether the person is in the car or not. It should do the right thing, every time, with complete obstacle avoidance - not just when there's no curb or wall in the way.

The exact same thing could happen in the same scenario, taken from the 'official' ad video found on Tesla's site, here:


1) Wife goes shopping in her Tesla
2) Husband comes back from shopping with a new canoe, secures to back of garage with hooks suspended from the ceiling
3) Wife comes home, parks in driveway, goes inside
4) Wife uses summon mode to park vehicle
5) New canoe is now implanted in the windshield of vehicle.

Regardless of whether the user accidentally or intentionally activated the mode, the mode performed improperly, resulting in vehicle damage.

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