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The Media

Submission + - Oink Bittorrent Tracker raided and Admin Arrested (

bubblah writes: "In what is sure to be a solid case of Deja Vu, this time the owner of a bittorrent tracker finds that the servers are confiscated, and he is in jail. Hot on the heels of Demonoid, then TV-Links, now it is Oink that finds itself shutdown, and the admin arrested. As the major sites where people get media continue to face growing and continual pressure over illegal content, users will find themselves with fewer and fewer options. It also means that there will be more reliance on those sites that are still up and running like Pirate Bay and Stage 6."

Submission + - Google had enough of Scroogle?

Giles writes: "Looks like Google have finally decided to block the Scroogle scraper (set up to protect searchers privacy) — as of 6pm BST today, searches through scroogle produce a 403 error. Scroogle also presents a version of the google results without advertisements, so google may have acted more to preserve revenue than to protect it's stash of data on you..."

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