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Comment Re:oh good (Score 1) 202

Thanks for checking: 1: What version? Not fixed on the desktop on 4.11.5. 2: Ditto. 3: Reported, including my suggestion for improvement with a mockup for a new dialog. 4: On the desktop? Reported but still listed as "Unconfirmed". 5: Tied to desktop actions being different - a KIO bug 6: Really? What version and what distro? I have been told by others Mint does not do it as the default. Seems confusing to be able to tell someone to use "delete" and have it be move to trash or delete immediately. The menu item, I think, should be "Delete Immediately" and should not have a warning that is so easy to turn off perhaps should only show with shift-key held down. 7: Again, what version and distro? 8: I will make sure to report it 9: Reported. For reports see: https://bugs.kde.org/buglist.c...

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I had not used KDE in some time and worked with it recently. I was amazingly disappointed. Here are some of the things I found: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... I was stunned at how bad it was and have been actively adding bug reports to let the developers know. There are literally dozens that I show though. It is pretty inexcusable.

Submission + - Are the KDE developers insane?

Michael Glasser writes: I have used Linux off and on for years, not as my main OS but to keep myself informed, but I had not used KDE much since they went to version 4. I recently played with it some on Mint — and was appalled with what I found. Just on the topic of creating and deleting files I found massive numbers of errors, more than can easily be explained in text: http://youtu.be/N7-fZJaJUv8. It includes inconsistencies, incorrect notifications — including ones that can lead to overwriting data or making you think you already have, and more. How can anyone take these developers seriously when they clearly do not put any thought into their product?

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