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Research In Motion To Be Sold, Possibly To Samsung 218

New submitter ve6ay writes "The talk of the tech world over the past day is that RIM, struggling mightily in these last months, was in talks to be bought either partially or wholly by Samsung. Sources at the Boy Genius Report indicate that while RIM may be trying to sell, it is asking way too much for itself."

Comment It won't "accomplish" anything, but not the point (Score 1) 1799

It really is a new era in politics, and in general, how humans interact with each other. In that public square over the last two years, we had a populist movement in the Tea Party that was, by its nature of being relatively grass roots, wildly inarticulate about the cure, if not the diagnosis. That movement was easily coopted by an already existing deregulatory/social politics arm of the GOP party. This movement is that movement, but without the batshit and with some articulate arguments about the need for a fix. These ideas come at us in a new public square, on Twitter, and are pretty inclusive in an overarching "The Government is bought and paid for, Fox News is bought and paid for" theme. To view the movement through a twentieth century lense is to see it as unorganized, and thus, not powerful. As someone who deals with a very profitable crowdsourcing company, I see this slightly differently. I think we are seeing the rest of America, that does not think the EPA is the devil, does not want to cut NOAA, IMLS, or Family Planning services because of rhetoric but ALSO believe we have a broken financial system and a political system purchased by a very small population. That is how I am seeing it.

Submission + - Smartphone Apps Harvest Personal Info (appanalysis.org)

An anonymous reader writes: "Researchers from Intel Labs, Penn State, and Duke University have found that popular smartphone applications are sharing users' physical location with online advertisers. Their study watched in realtime how 30 popular Android applications used private information. They found 15 of the applications shared users' location with ad servers, and 7 applications sent phone identifiers to developers. To do this, the researchers built a tool called TaintDroid, which augments Android with the monitoring infrastructure. The tool will be open sourced and the study will be presented at the USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI), being held next week in Vancouver, BC."

Comment The KILLER OF EVERYTHING...or not. (Score 2, Insightful) 271

I thought we had learned our lessons in declaring X the Y Killer. Sure, its happened every now and then(see Myspace/Facebook, HDDVD/Bluray), but as everyone here knows (and many lament about), Microsoft is still alive and well despite a resurgence by Apple, iPhones are still selling despite the allegedly-killer swarm of Android devices, websites still get hits despite content being routed more and more into apps, etc.

Comment Re:They're taught to keep their beliefs (Score 1) 1248

Or, people thought John Kerry was a raging flip flopper because he...flipped and flopped incessantly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXwCrpMHkYc&mode=related&search= People perceived constantly changing answers and positions as flip flopping because WE ARE NOT STUPID, not because of any strange hard wiring in our heads. If you can watch the video and still say Kerry did not flip flop, however, you may just have a problem in YOUR wiring.

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