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Comment Re:I fail to see (Score 1) 147

Well the only "great" thing about Java is the JVM - which in and of itself isn't that great.

I also find these things great about Java:

* tooling (IDEs, code processors, ant, maven, etc)
* Java community is great - you can get free frameworks and libraries and support for anything you want to develop
* standardized APIs
* portability (I use Linux at home and Windows at work - it's great to have the same software running everywhere)

Things I am still waiting to be great:

* Nice GUIs (hopefully with Java FX 2.x)
* Easier deployment of desktop apps

Comment Re:learn? (Score 1) 229

I agree that there is not much formal training required, but there might be a lot of change in behaviour required.

The things that worked well for me:

1. Delegate - trust people

2. Communicate - communicate every day with your management and with the people who are reporting to you, give them enough background information. Always notify interested parties of the issues so that they could help you or could adjust their plans. Trust me - it is difficult to be a messenger, but so much less stressful overall.

3. Do not micromanage

4. Set realistic expectations - do not overpromise.

5. Follow up - follow up on whatever you do to make sure that the job is complete.

Comment Re:Funniest part (Score 1) 144

The funniest part is people assuming this will end up being a cure. Big Pharma has no interest in cures, just mildly effective maintenance drugs one has to keep purchasing in perpetuity.

There is enough deseases in the world to stay in business once you eradicate one or two diseases. In the meanwhile - finding a full cure for anything gives you an exclusive access to a metaphorical gold mine.

Comment Re:Assholes (Score 1) 554

I'm all for rules and agreements, however in our current society model, where society is governed by government those rules are imposed on everyone - whether you agreed to them or not.

Some of the rules are unfair. For example, taxes or mandatory conscription to army (in some countries)... In such cases I mostly support people who are tying to avoid being forced into something they did not agree with in the first place.

Is paying taxes to a government just because you were born in that particular country is much different from slavery?

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