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Comment Oracle Has Done This For Years (Score 1) 475

I remember reading the agreement for using an Oracle 10g client a few years back, and one section was that you can't have been born, or be a resident in a list of countries, which included Iran. Needless to say, my friend (who was born in Iran and held dual citizenship) just installed and ran it anyway.

Comment Project Direction (Score 4, Insightful) 415

This is such a laughably bad decision, I can't see it making its way into the final product. I even tried to type this post in all-caps, but /. reminded me that it was wrong. When it comes to something people have known and taken for granted for years, it seems very odd that Microsoft would go backwards and decide on this. Exactly where is the leadership for this project?

Submission + - Removal of Printed Photo Credit Qualifies as DMCA ( 2

mattgoldey writes: A federal appeals court in Philadelphia has reinstated a photographer's copyright lawsuit against a New Jersey radio station owner, after finding that a lower court came to the wrong decision on every issue in the case.

Most significantly, the appeals court said that a photo credit printed in the gutter of a magazine qualifies as copyright management information (CMI) under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA). The DMCA prohibits the unauthorized removal of encryption technology or copyright management information from copyrighted works.


Submission + - #Botzaris36, Twitt-campaign for Tunisian migrants (

Foldo writes: This month, the building in the 36 Botzaris street, 19th arrondissement of Paris, France, was occupied during days by about 40 Tunisian immigrants. This building, owned by Tunisia, was officially the Tunisian Cultural Center, unofficially French headquarters of the Ben Ali's party (named "RCD"), watched Tunisian nationals in France, and maybe sometimes detained and/or tortured some. This building still containt thousands of compromising documents involving Tunisian and French officials. They are very importants because most of the compromising documents was destroyed in Tunisia). And the ancient Tunisian ambassador in France, linked with the RCD, still rules the embassy of Tunisia in Paris because there is no substitute.
At this moment, because almost no politics or journalits cared about it, two very active Twitter users, @MsTeshi and @Paul_da_Silva (ex president of the French Pirate Party) decided to create the hashtag #Botzaris36 for alerting people. A website was also created.
The 16th of June, after the annexion by the Tunisian ambassy of the building (before a judge issues a search warrant), and the evacuation of the now extraterritorial building did by the French riot police after a request from the embassy. Immigrants were neglected by the authorities, which made this case even more popular on Twitter. June 21, #Botzaris36 was at the second rank in the French Top Trends.
Yesterday, all these immigrants was arrested in a park by the riot police, their possessions was destroyed, and did't get the right to call their lawyer. And the Tunisian minister of the Interior was arrived in Paris.
They were released today as riot police surrounded the Botzaris36's empty building and took documents.

Submission + - Bill to be introduced to legalize marijuana (

shafty023 writes: It would appear Ron Paul (R-TX) and Barney Frank (D-MA) are going to be presenting a bill to legalize marijuana and thus end the failed war on drugs finally if it gets passed. What chances do you all think this bill has in the Senate & House or even surviving the president's veto pen? I suggest everyone also take a second and head on over to CNBC and [url=]leave your vote[/url] of whether you are for/against legalizing marijuana.

Submission + - Thinking of publishing your own $0.99 Kindle book?

An anonymous reader writes: There's been a lot of talk recently about $0.99 Kindle eBooks, after publishers were accused of spamming the market with low-quality titles. Author Keir Thomas published two $0.99 computing books in March and has some figures for those who might want to have a go, as part of his Adventures in Publishing series of blog postings. Thomas says he loves the democratic nature of the Kindle Direct Publishing system, and points out one of his self-published books tops Amazon's Linux charts, besting titles by all the major publishers.

Submission + - Data-Mining Ban Struck Down by US Supreme Court ( 1

smitty777 writes: The Supreme Court struck down Sorrell vs IMS Health, a law banning data mining which has been in place since 2007. The court ruled that the data on medications prescribed by doctors is protected by the First Amendment and can be used for marketing by the pharmaceutical companies. This follows similar declarations in Maine and New Hamshire.

Submission + - 11-Year-Old Pilots 1,325 MPG Concept Car (

MikeChino writes: Hypermiling vehicles depend on ultra-efficient engines and low weight to go the distance, so Cambridge Design Partnership selected 11-year-old Cambreshire student Kitty Foster as the pilot their new 1,325 MPG car. The vehicle incorporates a highly modified lightweight oxygen concentrator that was originally developed for the Ministry of Defense to treat injured soldiers.

Submission + - There Oughta Be a Standard: Laptop Power Supplies (

Esther Schindler writes: "Every mobile device you own has its own power supply and its own proprietary plug. There oughta be a better way, says Alfred Poor. Fortunately, he reports, the IEEE is coming to the rescue. "Their Universal Power Adapter for Mobile Devices (UPAMD) Working Group is developing a new standard that will not just address the needs of laptops and tablets, but will be intended to work with just about any electronics device that required between 10 and 240 watts of power," Poor writes. It's about darned time."

Submission + - Online Gaming's Explosive Growth: $29B by 2016 (

donniebaseball23 writes: DFC Intelligence's latest report estimates that overall worldwide revenue for online games (for both PC and consoles) will nearly double from $15.7 billion in 2010 to $29 billion in 2016, notes IndustryGamers. DFC said this includes revenue from subscriptions, online usage, online advertising in games and digital downloads. The PC is the largest driver of growth, while "console hardware can make it hard for companies to try creative new business models," said DFC analyst David Cole.

Submission + - Molyneux on Kinect: 'Has Some Problems' (

An anonymous reader writes: Peter Molyneux, current Lionhead boss, has admitted that Microsoft’s Kinect has problems. Molyneux told Gaming Union that most of Kinect’s issues revolve around navigating in the game world.

Submission + - Unavoidable Security Risk Caused by Elastic Load B (

rsk writes: Originally discussed in the EC2 forums, the existing design of elastic load balancing in AWS can result in other AWS customers using load-balancing receiving your web application traffic for brief periods of time. Most AWS users see this as "odd traffic" in their server log files, but any unsavory AWS customer would setup servers in each availability zone (in each region) behind an ELB and simply log all the misdirected traffic, potentially exposing customer information (e.g. private API keys) never intended for public consumption.

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