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Comment Nope (Score 1) 99

> CETA contains provisions that would compel countries to implement Internet censorship through site blocking, anti-circumvention laws as seen in the US, and compel border security to seize digital storage devices (i.e. cell phones) at the border for the purpose of looking for copyright infringement.

I believe that trade agreements would include clauses about site blocking. I do not believe that they include clauses compelling border security guards to check for copyright infringement. There's no way that would be practical. This makes me think that the slashdot summary writer is trying to get everyone angry and afraid, rather than reporting the facts. How would that possibly work? Sir, ma'am, please unlock your phones and allow us to spend ten minutes looking through each and every phone as you disembark from the airplane.

So, I looked it up in the article: "As we noted earlier, CETA would, among other things, force anti-cricumvention laws onto other countries, bring in site blocking, allow for statutory damages for non-commercial infringement, and force border security to destroy your cell phone if they find copyright infringing material on it." Interesting that there's nothing about security guards being compelled to seize digital devices and searching them for copyright infringement. It sounds more like - if security detains someone for some other reason, gets them to unlock their phones, and happen to find copyright violations, then, in theory, they're supposed to destroy the phone. Nevermind the part about the fact that guards are in no position to figure out what material is legal versus pirated. How would they determine that anyway? This makes me think it wouldn't work, regardless of what they found. Yeah, that's not good, but it a far cry from "compelling border security to seize digital storage devices (i.e. cell phones) at the border for the purpose of looking for copyright infringement".

What a sucky summary. I think Slashdot wants the community to get out their torches and pitchforks.

Comment Boing Boing Sucks (Score -1, Offtopic) 104

I hope they crash and burn hard. I'm sure they're loving all the traffic they're getting from Slashdot now.

Hey Cory: if you're such a big free speech advocate, then why does your website censor people who argue against your pro-piracy ideas? Are you afraid that your readers will get exposed to ideas that actually contradict your poorly thought-out ones?

Comment Re:And if you're not BoingBoing? (Score -1, Offtopic) 104

I'd vote you up if I had points. I got banned from BoingBoing for arguing against one of his stupid pro-piracy/anti-copyright rants. I love how "free speech" advocates become little dictators when there's a possibility that their readers might get exposed to an actual rebuttal of his dumb ideas. I've seen other people's comments censored away, as well.

Comment Re:Men's Rights morons (Score 2) 776

Men and women have different advantages and disadvantages in life. Men's Rights groups, while it's true that they are often filled with men who have gotten burned in divorces and child-custody battles (and therefore biased and angry), they do actually have a point with regard to certain issues. It's nice and easy to pretend that men have all these advantages over women and no disadvantages, but that's simply not the case. For example, did you know that in France and Germany it is illegal for a man to test the paternity of his children? Courts have ruled that it might cause a man to find out that "his children" aren't actually his biological children, and therefore abandon his wife and the children that aren't his. France and Germany decided they don't want that to happen, so men who attempt to get paternity tests on their children can be thrown in prison and hit with a fine. Men commit suicide at four times the rate of women. Men are the victims of 80% of homicides. Men are far more likely to suffer workplace fatalities. Studies have shown that men get prison sentences 60% longer than women for the same crime, and women are much more likely to serve no time at all in prison after being convicted of a crime ( ). Men who are victims of domestic abuse or rape are taken much less seriously than women. Men are far more likely to end up homeless than women. Men are scared of the idea pushed forward by feminist groups that, when it comes to sexual assault, you should always believe the woman rather than giving due process and trying to get the facts.

There's a variety of bad feminist statistics which serve to help reinforce the "female victim" status, but it's annoying when you find out that it's not the truth. Some articles to read:
"Economist’s Glass Ceiling Index Distorts Reality" - an example of biased reporting about women's equality in the workplace
"When Is 19 More Than 940?" - regarding workplace deaths, where the white-latino gap is talked about but the male-female gap is ignored
"Yet Another Example Where Equality Isn’t Equality" - An example of biased lifespan data being used to paint women as oppressed -
"More Workplace Gender Lies From HuffPo" - regarding workplace deaths, where HuffPo pretends that women die as often as men on the job:

TLDR: It's silly to say that men have the best of everything in life.

Comment "Incredibly feminist action film"- Charlize Theron (Score 4, Insightful) 776

Why is this on Slashdot? Has Slashdot become this clickbaity? Secondly, Charlize Theron has said herself that Mad Max is "an incredibly feminist action film" and "It's a total empowerment of women,". Source:

I've also heard the synopsis of the film, and it sounds like Charlize Theron's character is the main character in the film and women come to the rescue in the film. It sounds like it really sidelines Mad Max in an attempt to push a political agenda, I liked the Aliens movies, but it wasn't a bait and switch like Mad Max appears to be -- we knew that Sigourney Weaver was the star.

Comment Shortsighted Author (Score 0, Troll) 341

"Were I to follow all .. of your suggestions," says Ford, "it would destroy the book." Oh no! When you put it that way, it would be awful to have wasted all that time putting the book together! I mean if we're going to weigh the possibility of making hydrogen bomb construction easier, thus endangering the lives of millions/billions of people in the future, versus some author having spent time putting together a book and then having it be a big waste of time, we have to side with the author. I mean seriously, how self-centered do you have to be as an person to make that argument?

To answer the other questions here -- Assuming the information is already available elsewhere doesn't mean anything because: (1) It's possible that the author is exaggerating (for his own 'I want to publish' reasons) how available that information is, and (2) it saves villains the work of finding and putting that information together on their own - information they might've overlooked.

But, I suspect Slashdot is going to stick with the old "let's make all information available" arguments, proving why they don't and shouldn't actually work in geopolitics. I remember a lot of those crappy arguments flying around when some scientists were talking about publishing the genetic sequences of highly-virulent and deadly strains of flu. Keep working on your quixotic quest to make a deadlier 21st century, Slashdot.

Comment Re:Girls, girls, girls... (Score 3, Insightful) 333

"Men, and I include myself, are shit." You sound like a self-loathing male.

"To this day, I am very upset that we have all done a grave disservice to ourselves by turning our backs on a 50-50 chance of benefiting from a female Einstein." nobody is arguing that women should be shut-out of tech. They are arguing against discrimination against boys. Tell me how locking boys out of opportunities helps us produce the next female Einstein.

Comment Stay away from Objective-C (Score 1, Interesting) 316

My current company did most of their work in Objective-C. It's a bear. One of the worst parts is all the retain and release calls. They're used for memory management, and god help you if you forget because there's no obvious way to see the problem. Our current company is ditching Objective-C entirely and moving to QT and C++. My boss, who wrote all the Objective-C stuff, says that Objective-C has become a mess over the past 5-10 years as Apple is promoting Objective-C for both iOS (iPhone, iPad) and OSX (desktop) applications, which has caused all kinds of problems and bloat. I've had all kinds of problems with Objective-C, so I don't doubt his characterization of it.

Comment Re:Great news (Score 1) 269

Somehow, I don't believe you, because I read it, and there was only one chapter that talked about race at all. The authors remained agnostic about whether the measured IQ gap between black and white people was genetic or environmental. Characterizing the book as "a pile of racist crap" seems pretty uninformed given those two facts.

Comment Dumb Adam Savage Quote (Score 2) 748

Let's take a moment to dissect what's wrong with that Adam Savage quote: "Adam Savage once described to me the problem this way: if the Internet was a dude, we'd all agree that dude has a serious problem with women." The internet is made-up of a billion people. If you describe the internet as doing anything, as if it were a single human being, it's going to come-off as bizarre. First of all, if the internet was a person, first and foremost, it would be schizophrenic - because so many different opinions coming out of one mouth would necessarily be contradictory. Second of all, you can find any extreme opinion you want on the internet. This means that "we'd all agree that the internet has a serious problem with [fill in the blank]." is probably true because there's no consensus about anything on the internet, therefore, in order to say the internet thinks [fill in the blank], you have to pick-out some minority who believes one thing and then represent it as if it was "the internet".

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