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Comment Re:It's not rocket science! (Score 1) 348

"It's TIOBE, and how should NASA releasing some code skew the search results for "assembly programming"?"

Sorry, I'm wearing my contacts ;-)

Anyway, the Apollo source is in assembly code. Quite a bit of it in fact and it's popular, thousands of people starred it in a short period in Github.

So what if TIOBE sees a large increase in lines of assembly on Github and thousands of stars and oncludes that assembly language is making a huge come back?

(I don't know how TIOBE calculates its results, but there must be some reasonable explanation. I do a lot in IoT and I see absolutely no signs of assembly language suddenly becoming more popular)

Comment It's not rocket science! (Score 3, Interesting) 348

Perhaps THOBE is mistaking the fact the NASA put up the full assembly code for the Apollo 11 guidance computer on Github and the interest in that (6000+ stars) for a revival of the language instead of a historical artefact.

Check it out here and don't forget to start it, together we can confuse THOBE and make Assembly the #1 language of the world again! ;-)

Comment Re:Actually this is a good thing for the autopilot (Score 1) 379

Cool! Do you think it's just as infallible as their 'Maps' navigation system? Cause that would've killed me if I'd followed it blindly.

And do you think it's more reliable than their Android phone OS? Cause that regularly spontaneously reboots on me. I wonder how that would look on the highway...

If they can make good enough technology to drive you around safely, why can't they get the simple things right?

Comment Re:Actually this is a good thing for the autopilot (Score 1) 379

"so we'll only have perfect records when we get rid of all the drivers and have all the cars on autopilot."

And all the cyclists and all the children and all the senior citizens and all the animals....

Basically the only way to get perfect records is to create roads that are dedicated to driverless cars. Then a very complicated problem suddenly becomes fairly easy to solve.

Comment I swear (Score 1) 156

I swear Google have an employee (not an AI) who keeps a list of all this little tidbits and releases them to the press every few weeks or so. Just to keep the project in the papers.

And all the media just obediently paste them into the headline fied... :(

Comment Re:App Store Wars (Score 1) 507

I have a Smart TV and I only ever use it as a monitor for my Android box.

But stil, eliminating boxes is a worth while undertaking, so let some standards organization decide upon a plugin cartridge format that we can use to extend our dumb TV's. The TV provides power, standard remote signals and a HDMI-like connection. The cartridge has either an ethernet or usb connector or an antenna connector.

The TV as an old fashioned motherboard, or wait, as a blade server. That sounds more modern.

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