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Comment Re:We owe our thanks to Mr. Snowden (Score 1) 366

We might have discovered these magic numbers if anyone ever critically analysed this document.

Apparently "security experts" just blindly do things and don't critically examine what goes on.

Scientists have been finding wrong analyses and bringing them down for centuries. In fact, I could read any journal issue in my field and find at least 5 utterly wrongheaded analyses of things. YOU HAVE TO READ SHIT.

Comment Bad business concept (Score 1) 242

This whole idea is neat but just won't work. The premise is that there are lots of high-power devices out there which have really crappy battery life. Phone battery life is steadily improving and Qi etc. does just about everything you need.

These people are assuming that in 5 years phone battery life will be crappier than it is now and it will just be essential to have this.

The only thing this could be useful for is powering lots of little IOT devices, but I feel like this is just a really inefficient way of doing that. And IOT devices won't really be a big deal until they are powered by ambient thermal energy and RF.

Comment tech just isn't quite there yet (Score 1) 196

Right now I'd love a watch as small and light as my simple casio but which vibrates when I have a call. I am tired of my phone ringing when I don't want to it too and when it does ring I miss the call. The Pebble is about everything I want in a smartwatch, though it could be thinner and lighter. Unfortunately unless Pebble gets bought by Google or Google releases a GoogleNow API its not going to work. The next GoogleGlass product could very well be their headset in watch form. If it just provided notifications and a limited ability to screen texts and calls, it would be awesome, but it HAS to be light and unobtrusive. It should not look like a "SmartWatch!(TM)".

Smartphones didn't happen big because of the iPhone, the singular tech which made them work was the capacitive multitouch screen. Only this allowed the device to have enough screen and still work well enough. The first iPhone didn't have GPS, apps, navigation, etc. and it was still a big success because of that screen.

Smartwatches will need some similar tech breakthroughs before they work. Here's what they need:

*They will need to be very light, very low-power, and physically flexible.
*They will need to come in a variety of form factors to suit different tastes (watches are fashion accessories, not gadgets).
*It should know who I am via some kind of biometrics.
*It would be totally fine if its tied to a smartphone but it will need to have some functionality on its own (I can't even tell if this Samsung watch can tell time without help.
*Battery life should be around a week.
*It should have Google Now like functionality, giving me information without me having to ask.
*It should serve as my cyber-implant on the outside. It should be the conduit through which I communicate with other machines. It should not only authenticate me, but allow me to interact with other machines via gestures.

What it doesnt need:
*an illuminated screen (at least not all the time). Flexible eInk/ePaper with a backlight would be more than enough.
*a camera
*a microphone
*the ability to make calls on its own

Comment For how long? (Score 1) 82

There are journals that let you see their current articles for free, and then lock them up after 6 mos or a year. Even at my school there are online subscriptions which only let us see things back to like 1996, then if we want to see past that we have to pay (or the university could pay for a more deluxe subscription).

In any case, there needs to be a concerted effort to download all this stuff and torrent it or something.

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