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Submission + - Dude, you're getting an open-source OS on that Del

falconwolf writes: "Dell has confirmed it. After over one hundred thousand responses to the survey, they listened, they questioned, and now they are going to provide. Dell will offer the Linux operating system on new laptops and desktops. More than seventy percent of survey respondents said they would use a Dell system with a Linux operating system for both home and office use. The hardware was selected and both laptops and desktops were picked, the customers have spoken and they want Linux no matter what they buy.

Support wise, the respondents to the survey said that existing community-based support forums would meet their technical support needs for a tested and validated Linux operating system on a Dell. They also indicated that improved hardware support for Linux is as important as the distribution(s) offered. In fact, most of the comments were centered around the drivers and hardware support on the recent Direct2Dell blog post.

Many who commented on the Linux proposal said that free software and drivers were important.Dell responded to that, "For device types where a choice exists between a component with a non-Free driver and one with Free driver availability, in our Linux offering we'll opt to bundle the component with the Free driver."

Addressing GPL based drivers Dell said, "Dell recognizes the importance of open source, GPL-licensed drivers which are maintained upstream in kernel.org. They allow users the widest choice of Linux distributions, effectively taking the specific hardware and distribution out of the decision-making process and let you focus on solving your business problems. We will work with our hardware partners to develop, test, and maintain Free drivers, and continue to make progress towards that goal for all drivers."

As the first OEM to mainstream Linux to the public, not just to the business world, other OEMs such as HP and Lenovo as well as Gateway, will be watching. This will either make or break Dell. However, with the support Linux has, then the venture might just be a viable one for Dell as it struggles to recover form several years worth of declining sales.

While Dell has mentioned several flavors of Linux as possible pre-installed operating systems, they have remained noncommittal on the subject. The rumor is that it will be Ubuntu as the distribution of choice while market watchers say Red Hat or SuSe Linux. The odds are in favor of Ubuntu or Debian. The last question really is price. Just how much will the new Linux computers cost? That is unknown at the moment, but they will likely be cheaper than the current Windows offering. Dell has said that they will seek customer feedback on the future open source projects. http://tech.monstersandcritics.com/news/article_12 84922.php/Dude_you%92re_getting_an_open-source_OS_ on_that_Dell!"
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Submission + - BitTorrent Leading Race To Deliver HD Content

Dr.E writes: "While Sony and Toshiba hype their supposed "format war" between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, BitTorrent continues to lead the way as the premier delivery platform for HD content. While stand alone players will always offer superior ease-of-use, BitTorrent remains the clear leader in terms of content availability, cost, and freedom of use. The reasons for BitTorrent's supremacy include community involvement, open source software, and freedom from licensing restrictions.

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Submission + - SpaceX Falcon 1 Flight Analysis

Migraineman writes: "Elon Musk has posted a preliminary post-flight analysis of the Falcon 1 flight. Initial indications are that the oscillations of the second stage were caused by a combination of slosh in the LOX tank and an impact event between the interstage ring and the second-stage rocket nozzle — ultimately the sloshing caused the LOX to move away from the fuel sump, starving the engine of oxidizer and resulting in premature engine shutdown. Baffles are to be added to the LOX tank, and the thrust vector algorithms are getting updates. They're also considering changes to the first-stage engine shutdown profile to reduce the chance of nozzle-smackage.

In spite of not getting to LEO, the Falcon 1 flight is being considered a success, and SpaceX is moving forward with the TacSat-1 launch scheduled for September."

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