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Submission + - Who Stole My TV? (whostolemytv.com)

illc0mm writes: "A couple in Saint Petersburg, Fl was frustrated after having their home broken into and their new 42" LCD TV stolen. whostolemytv.com is their attempt to track down the criminals. They are offering a $1500 reward for information leading to the recovery and prosecution of the criminals.

They are also working on finding similar crimes in the neighborhood and assisting their neighbors with tracking them down.

In order to pinpoint the time of the theft, they used the logs from their TiVO to tell precisely when the HDMI cable was removed from the TV; finally HDCP is good for something!"


Submission + - George Takei now an Asteroid (msn.com)

ineedbettername writes: "In recent news, the International Astronomic Union has decided to rename the asteroid "1994 GT9" to 7307 Takei in honor of George Takei, the actor who played Sulu in Star Trek. He now joins the ranks of other famous sci-fi figures in space, such as 4659 Roddenberry, 68410 Nichols, Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov."
The Military

Submission + - Myanmar Unplugs Internet: Is Tech so Fragile? (nytimes.com)

toomanyairmiles writes: The New York Times [reg required] has an interesting piece questioning the internet's ability to assist in the destruction of repressive regimes since Myanmars apparent 'switch off'. The countries two ISPs have been frighteningly easy to close down. There are reports of government sponsored hacking, phone services being suspended, the confiscation of cellphone cameras and other digital recording equipment by the military. Will lightfooted Tech win out in the end or could we all be reduced to second world war smuggling techniques in a matter of days?

Submission + - Reselling OEM Windows Licenses

clorsung writes: "I work for a company that deals with large numbers of off lease and refurb HP, IBM and Dell systems. We have been selling all our units with no OS, although most have the windows COA attached to them. I have been trying to find a definitive answer as to whether or not we are allowed to reload the manufacturers copy of Windows and resell it, but I can't get a straight anywhere — does anyone have any experience with this, or can someone show me where the EULA says I can't reload windows? If the machine passes WGA, is that really all that matters? I have heard that you need only provide the COA, the valid key, the EULA and reinstallation media. I've also heard that a recovery partition will take the place of the media, but again, I don't have anything to back this up with."

Submission + - Will Your Home Network Survive After You're Gone?

glhturbo writes: I have a small home network that includes a wireless access point, wired and wireless network clients, a shared NAS, and Linux (mine) and Windows (wife and two kids) computers. I also have a Linux-based firewall PC in the mix. I'm a bit concerned that if I get hit by a bus, my non-technically-inclined-wife will have to try to figure this stuff out, especially the NAS, which has ALL of our data on it (pictures, music, etc), but has EXT3 formatted drives. Short of trying to keep some kind of living document for all of this, does anybody have suggestions for "survival plans" and/or "rescue plans" for their data and network in case of incapacitation or death?

Submission + - Best Computerless VOIP Phone 1

bjorniac writes: After a series of unfortunate events I am no longer willing to tolerate my phone service provider. It seems that a number of devices that connect directly to a wireless router are available allowing the user to cut out the telephony parasites. Do any Slashdotters have recommendations/horror stories to share?

Submission + - Is HTML Validity Overrated

An anonymous reader writes: Hi all, in the office today coding away on some random website, checking my my XHTML coding was valid, in my boredom decided to check a number of popular sites thinking that they would would intern be valid, though to my surprise i struggled to find a single site that was 100% valid in it's coding. www.google.com — 30 errors, www.microsoft.com — 28 errors, www.apple.com — 4 errors, and i wont even mention how many eBay had. Hell even our beloved Slashdot didn't have a clean slate. My question is "Is HTML Validity Overrated?" or is there a reason for all the big sites not caring about there code? Now i'm a very (I must stress very) small time programmer, and my skills are pretty poor, but am i just waisting my time checking my code, is it wrong of me to believe in standards?

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