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Submission + - Custom fonts in websites (

Jiro writes: "Allowing designers to use custom fonts in a website (that is non web-safe ones) usually means creating images with fixed text rendered to them. .NET code can render an image of text in a font existing on the server. The problem with that is that this isn't search friendly. By using a trick implemented in the flash Sifr tool (which allows for custom fonts by using flash) tagged text can be replaced by images after the page has been loaded. Search engines will read the text correctly and the text can then be rendered in any font. l For an example that you can "view source" on"
The Courts

Submission + - To be, or Not be a Juror? 2

An anonymous reader writes: This morning, I filled my civic duty for the courts and went to Jury Duty at the requesting Courthouse. This being the 2nd time, I went in with a bit more confidence as it's been several years since I was last summoned, and have a bit more experience in life under my belt. During the Prosecutors questioning, I found myself deconstructing her arguments, and reasoning to their logical position and appeal. And in the process, mentally belittling her for the positions she chose to summon. During the Defense Attorney's questioning, I found he had brought up valid points about reasonable doubt, personal choice and freedoms, giving obviousness to the positions he was going to take during the trial.

This particular case dealt with a Class B marijuana possession charge of any 'usable amount'. Now, personally, I am completely against the law with which the case was about. When specifically asked about it by the prosecutor, since I was in one of the 'hot-seats', I stated I preferred it be decriminalized, citing the current UK policies about confiscation and ticketing practices. When later asked to elaborate I instructed them I would be biased against the law given the nature of this particular case, since I did not agree with the law at all. Shortly after this, despite the Defense Attorney's willingness to gladly put me on the jury, the Judge agreed with the Prosecutor and I was dismissed.

During the later questioning, specifically with regard to a police officers testimony over that of the accused, the rest of the potential panel stated they would put more confidence in the officer than that of a layman. It was pretty obvious to me, which way things were slightly leaning for the accused, even this early in the trial. Looking back now, I wonder if it had been better if I'd gone along and played the unbias card, reserving my personal feeling about such matters, and possibly get picked to be a juror. My questions to slashdot are: Is it better to put yourself out there, voice your opinions while in the jury pool or put your convictions aside, and render yourself available to the courts? Also, is it better for the courts and the public for someone like me to have those opinions about the law, hold them back and possibly be picked as a juror, knowing full well that the phrase 'jury nullification' exists, and if the case called for it, would be more than willing to bring it up? What is the best recourse for MY cause, in a situation like this?
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Who said Guitar Hero knock-offs couldn't rock? (

The Anonymous Coward writes: "Flash has always been a humble platform for game development. There have been a couple hits, but they're hard to find in the great ocean of misses. With the advent of Adobe Flash and a new scripting language, can we hope that the masses will finally start to churn out some games worthy of the console?
    Guitar Hero addicts (and zombie-killing fanatics) need to look no further than "We Are Legend", an original and fairly addictive game that combines the furious button-mashing of rhythm-based games with some interesting RPG twists. And a whole lot of blood, chainsaws, and zombie-explosions. Purists can pick up their keyboard and use wield it like a five-string. With everything from an over-the-hill Jill Valentine to a zombie-killing hyena and a backup drummer that shears away zombie faces with a metal grinder, this game has promise."

The Courts

Submission + - Liability in computer repair for filesharing

Revek writes: "I run a small one man computer repair buisness. I mainly clean and reload machines that have been infected with malware. Most machines have some form of p2p filesharing sofware installed on them. Although I shut them down sometimes they run for a while when I am otherwise occupied. I recently received a letter from my isp concerning distribution of copyrighted material. The mac address provided by them was not one of my machines. Am I responsible for p2p filesharing taking place on my customers machines?"

Submission + - 2nd Gen iPhone already ? (

JagsLive writes: "from JagsLive: tml Digitimes reports, Rumors of second-generation Apple iPhone continue to surface: " Speculation about whether Apple will introduce a cost-down version of its iPhone continues to arise in the Chinese-language media, with a recent report in the Chinese-language Commercial Times newspaper indicating that Taiwan-based Wintek has gained touch screen panel orders from Apple for its second-generation iPhone. The report claims that the new iPhone from Apple will begin shipping in September with prices ranging from US$249-299. The paper added that Apple recently visited Wintek to deliver instructions on manufacturing and the company has begun test production in small volumes. ""

Submission + - FAYT your Mac (and More)

Livin Stephen writes: At %20System.html Jacob Rus describes how to convert your Macs keyBindings to a V E R Y emacs-ish set — it obviously adds a LOT to to the ones (like ^-A, ^-B, etc) that Cocoa apps already support. To check out what 'adds' might mean... think ^-S. (that'll require a download from before you begin to believe what you're seeing.) FYI, it IS a year-old article — waiting to be discovered.

Feed Forget WiMax, Stockholm's got cable to spare (

Red Ken, take notes

Column You could not think of a better place to demonstrate the wonders of WiMAX. A district, 84 kilometers across, divided into 24,000 plots of land with open, deep water between each plot. It's the Stockholm archipelago, East of Sweden, and almost every island is inhabited. Intel, Cisco and Stockholm Cable (Stokab) have turned this into the biggest showcase of WiMAX wireless you will find.

Feed ICANN rejects .xxx (

Gets back into the content regulation business

ICANN Lisbon In an unusual open board meeting today, ICANN once again rejected the establishment of a .xxx top level domain (TLD). The vote was 8-4 with a single abstention, that of CEO Paul Twomey.

The Almighty Buck

A Chinese Virtual Currency Challenges the Yuan 183

Radon360 writes "A Wall Street Journal article reports that China's fastest-rising currency isn't the yuan. It's the QQ coin — online play money created by marketers to sell such things as virtual flowers for instant-message buddies, cellphone ringtones and magical swords for online games. In recent weeks, the QQ coin's real-world value has risen as much as 70%. It's the most extreme case of a so-called virtual currency blurring the boundaries between the online and real worlds — and challenging legal limits. A Chinese Internet company called Tencent Holdings Ltd. designed the payment system in 2002 to allow its 233 million regular registered users to shop for treats in its virtual world. Virtual currencies are in use in many countries — but nowhere have they taken root more deeply than in China."

Submission + - Useful links, create your own bookmarks

trif ovidiu writes: "An interesting site has just been lunched: The site is in romanian, but it have support in english too. On this site, user can add his collection of useful links, create his own bookmarks, apply tags, is able to look in other user's collections, and all this in a single place. This service is still young, but the idea is to became a useful collection of links, where user can find the informations they really need. Boxlinks team."

Submission + - Mac OS X Directory Structure Explained

Jared O'Brien writes: "If you have ever looked at your Mac's root directory and wondered what some of those other directories are for, you're probably not alone. Mac OS got a whole lot more complex with the advent of OS X, adapting a unix file structure that is largely unfamiliar to Mac OS 9 and Windows users. So just what is /System, /Library, /usr, and all the others for anyway? Here's a brief explanation of each directory as found in Mac OS X. structure-explained/"

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