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Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Cool-sounding things to do with Beowulf clusters. 1

brentonboy writes: I have been scavenging computers out of trash and recycling bins for a few years, and my roommate and I finally decided to put all our boxes to use in a Beowulf cluster, more to impress visitors than anything else. So we have this stack of computers, and a good answer to the question "what is that?" But now we need a really impressive answer to the next question: "what is it doing?" So what are some neat things to have a small ragtag "conversation starter" Beowulf cluster work on?
Internet Explorer

Submission + - Browser-stats for non-standard sites

brentonboy writes: We all know that browser statistics are inaccurate and skewed. But I'm interested in looking at the distortions that appear on different websites and comparing them. For example, how many browsers claiming to be IE visit Does Mozilla make it's browser statistics public? What about other tech sites like Slashdot, W3C, or for that matter, Google? It would also be fun to look through the User Agent Strings to see the "custom" ones--sometimes very funny!
Internet Explorer

Submission + - Conferences for Web Developers

brentonboy writes: At my company, all the other engineers get to go to cool conferences, but my Web Developer co-workers and I miss out on all the fun. Are there any conferences for back-end Web Developers to discuss and learn more about stuff like ECMAscript, HTML 5, Web Standards, and the newest browser info?

Submission + - Good Tech Courses Online 1

brentonboy writes: My employer pays for me to take training courses online. In addition to being a more interesting use of my time than what I normally do around here, it looks good on my resume, and I actually have learned a few things. As a Web Developer, I have already taken courses in CSS, JavaScript and AJAX, but it's getting harder and harder to find new courses from credible programs. The two places I've found that seem the most credible are O'Reilly School of Technology (which counted for credit at the U. of Illinois) and IWA/HWG through Are there other legitimate places out there on the internet that offer credible certificates or classes?

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