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Linux Business

Submission + - Which Embedded Linux Distribution?

Abhikhurana writes: I work for a company which designs a variety of video surveillance devices (such as MPEG4 video servers). Traditionally, these products have been based on proprietory OSs such as Nucleus and VxWorks. Now we are redesigning a few of our products and I am trying to convince my company to go down the Linux route. Understandably, our management is quite sceptical about that and so I was asked by our CTO to recommend a few RTOSs which have mature Networking stacks and which work well on ARM platform. I know that there are many embedded linux based distributions out there. There are commerical ones such as Montavista, LynuxWorks, free ones such as uclinux, muLinux and some Linux like distros such as Ecos, but which is the most stable and best community supported embedded Linux distribution out there?

Comment a more up-to-date comparison (Score 2, Informative) 390

I did a presentation at the Atlanta Unix Users' Group this month that is a more up-to-date comparison. It's available in Open Office format. You can also get to it from my home page. I did a similar talk almost four years ago. My conclusion is that MySQL has closed the feature gap with PostgreSQL in recent years. I still give PostgreSQL the edge in features, and MySQL the edge in out-of-the-box untuned performance. I also discuss replication and clustering.

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